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// Part of the FastAES Ruby/C library implementation.
// Original implementation:
// File: sbd-1.27.tar.gz
// This Ruby extension, which is a derivitive work from Christophe Devine's original
// AEScrypt optimized C sources, provides an implementation of the United States
// Government's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (aka "Rijndael" algorithm).
// This is a 256-bit private-key block cipher written entirely in C for maximum
// portability across a perverse number of target architectures.
// The Rijndael algorithm is 100% patent-free and completely unencumbered in any
// way, much unlike the RSA algorithms used in other software. We can use this
// cipher.
#ifndef __fast_aes_h
#define __fast_aes_h
/* structure to store our key and keysize */
typedef struct {
char key[256]; /* max key is 256 */
int key_bits; /* 128, 192, 256 */
/* Encryption Round Keys */
unsigned int erk[64];
unsigned int initial_erk[64];
/* Decryption Round Keys */
unsigned int drk[64];
unsigned int initial_drk[64];
/* Number of rounds. */
int nr;
} fast_aes_t;
/* functions */
void Init_fast_aes();
VALUE fast_aes_alloc(VALUE klass);
VALUE fast_aes_initialize(VALUE self, VALUE key);
void fast_aes_gen_tables();
int fast_aes_initialize_state(fast_aes_t* fast_aes_config);
VALUE fast_aes_key(VALUE self);
/* garbage collection */
void fast_aes_mark(fast_aes_t* fast_aes_config);
void fast_aes_free(fast_aes_t* fast_aes_config);
void fast_aes_module_shutdown(fast_aes_t* fast_aes_config);
/* and actual, bonafide encryption */
VALUE fast_aes_encrypt(VALUE self, VALUE buffer);
VALUE fast_aes_decrypt(VALUE self, VALUE buffer);
void fast_aes_encrypt_block(fast_aes_t* fast_aes, unsigned char input[16], unsigned char output[16]);
void fast_aes_decrypt_block(fast_aes_t* fast_aes, unsigned char input[16], unsigned char output[16]);
int fast_aes_reinitialize_state();
int fast_aes_initialize_state();
#endif // __fast_aes_h
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