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Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects
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Redis Atoms - Leverage Redis to handle counters and atomicity in your app

Redis is great not as a replacement for MySQL, but because it is a server that provides atomic operations on data structure primitives, like counters, lists, and sets. People that are wrapping ORM's around Redis are completely missing the point. This gem, instead, provides methods that you can use with your existing ActiveRecord/DataMapper/CouchDB/MongoDB ORM, or in code that has nothing to do with an ORM or even a database, but needs support for atomicity.


gem install gemcutter
gem tumble
gem install redis-atoms


require 'redis'
require 'redis/atoms'
class Roster
  include Redis::Atoms

  list :members
  counter :available_slots, :start => 30

Redis::Atoms.connection =

roster =
if roster.available_slots.decrement >= 0

  # reset counter

roster.available_slots.if_gt(0) do
  # atomic block

You Are Probably Doing Things Wrong

You are probably not handling atomic operations properly in your app. Even if you're using an ACID database like MySQL, this still doesn't guarantee that your app is free from significant race conditions. The worst part is these will get worse as your user count increases, are very difficult to reproduce, and usually happen to your most critical pieces of code.

As an example, let's assume you're writing an app to enable students to enroll in courses online. You need to ensure that no more than 30 people can sign up for a given class. In your enrollment code, you have something like this:

@course = Course.find(1)
if @course.num_students < 30
  @course.course_students.create(:user_id => 101)
  @course.num_students += 1!
  # course is full

You're screwed.

The easiest way to spot race conditions is ask whether somebody else could access that

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