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How to set login_required flag? #2

andrewcrook opened this Issue Jun 22, 2011 · 4 comments

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Dont need to be logged in, but cant work out how to set flag to disable login checking.
Any ideas?


Hi Nate,

:login is missing from the @settings hash.

Should SSL and login really be required by default?

Thank you for the nice gem!


Jamie, sorry if I'm being dense - can you be a bit more specific? Thanks


it checks for :login by default there is no login config method to set the :login key in the @settings hash to override this behaviour (I think there is for SSL its ssl_enabled), for example AcceptParams.login_checking_enabled (sets @settings[:login])

/ lib / sinatra / accept_params / param_rules.rb line 68

if @settings[:login] << how to set to true/false?


Ahh, I get it now... if someone can spin a patch I'll pull it in - thanks!

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