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Endless running side-scroll game in which a zombie horde follows right after you, ready to eat your brain. While you try to escape you will have to avoid the “obstacles” in your way. If you fail to avoid them, the zombies will catch up to you. Good luck!

Game Controls

  • Space bar: jump over obstacles.
  • Esc: pause the game.
  • Enter: continue playing after a pause.
  • S: start the game again after game over.

Game Credits

About building the game

In this section, I discuss some aspects about the development process of my first project at Ironhack.

Biggest challenge

There weren't any major technical difficulties as it is a very simple game. However, while working on the game, I have:

  • applied all of the knowledge acquired in the first two weeks at the bootcamp.
  • learned how to add sounds and control keyboard inputs.
  • gained a better understanding of how setInterval() and setTimeout() work.

Possible improvements

  • Add different types of obstacles.
  • Display different types of obstacles randomly.
  • Add coins or some sort of "points system".
  • Add a scoreboard that displays username and points data.
  • Add levels to the game, that call different backgrounds.
  • Add health points to the player.
  • Add damage upon collision, rather than die upon collision.

If I started again...

I would spend some more time thinking about which functions belong to game.js (the game "engine") and which belong to a class before starting to write the code.

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