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A utility for mapping feeds to Django models.
Python Shell
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[GMKANBAN-4224] Bug fix on parse of empty node.

Allows the parser to select missing nodes.  Uses empty string when a node
is missing.
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django-feedmapper is a library for synchronizing data from feeds with Django models. The process of synchronizing the data requires the use of three pieces: a parser, a mapping, and a schedule.

Example project

Clone this git repo:

git clone
cd django-feedmapper

Make sure you have virtualenvwrapper installed and create a virtual environment:

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute django-feedmapper
workon django-feedmapper

Install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Synchronize the database and load the dummy data:

cd example
./ syncdb

Synchronize the dummy data:

./ feedmapper_sync

Fire up the development server:

./ runserver

Check out the feed mapping in the admin at http://localhost:8000/admin/feedmapper/mapping/1/ and the sync results in the admin at http://localhost:8000/admin/myapp/thing/.

Full documentation

Documentation is on Read the Docs:

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