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Amnesia-io integration for atom.

This atom text editor package allows you to share code via directly from atom, and copies share link to your clipboard ready for you to pass on. is an ephemeral code sharing service with nice collaboration and privacy features. Read more about it at

Also available for Sublime text 3



  • In Atom, open Preferences (ctrl-,)
  • Go to Install section
  • Search for amnesia-io package. Once it found, click Install button to install package.

or run apm install amnesia-io


The amnesia-io package adds the following behaviour to atom:

  • amnesia-io:share-file - Share the content of the current file.
  • amnesia-io:share-selection - Share the highlighted selection(s).
  • amnesia-io:share-block - Share the current code block(s).
  • amnesia-io:share-line - Share the current line(s).

For each you get an atom notification of success or error. On successfully uploading code to, your unique share link is written to your clipboard.



You can customise your usage of via the amnesia-io config page, or via your ~/.atom/config.cson.

See example below, values shown are defaults:



      # How long will hold on to your code snippets for
      ttl: 43200,

      # Syntax highlighting format which will be used if it cannot be discerned
      # from your file name
      defaultFormat: "bash"



Default key mappings are as follows:

Windows Linux OSX
amnesia-io:share-file ctrl-alt-shift-f ctrl-alt-shift-f cmd-alt-shift-f
amnesia-io:share-selection ctrl-alt-shift-s ctrl-alt-shift-s cmd-alt-shift-s
amnesia-io:share-block ctrl-alt-shift-b ctrl-alt-shift-b cmd-alt-shift-b
amnesia-io:share-line ctrl-alt-shift-l ctrl-alt-shift-l cmd-alt-shift-l

Keymaps can be overridden in ~/.atom/keymap.cson like so:


  '.platform-darwin atom-workspace':
    'amnesia-io:FUNCTION': 'KEY_COMBO'

  '.platform-win32 atom-workspace':
    'amnesia-io:FUNCTION': 'KEY_COMBO'

  '.platform-linux atom-workspace':
    'amnesia-io:FUNCTION': 'KEY_COMBO'


Where FUNCTION is a value from the first column of the table above, and KEY_COMBO is a key combination string like ctrl-alt-shift-a for example. See atom docs for more on this.


The amnesia-io atom package is written in es6

To get going in dev mode do:

  git clone
  cd amnesia-atom
  npm install
  apm link --dev
  atom -d .

Some useful atom keybindings for package development:

  • ctrl-alt-r - reload atom window
  • cmd-alt-ctrl-p - run package tests