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✔️An advanced parameter parser for PHP
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Parameter Parser

Parameter Parser is a simple library used to parse intricate parameters from an array of strings.

Hint: Parameter Parser is available through Composer. composer require nafisc/parameterparser.

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Documentation - Advanced Code Examples - Looking for the Python version?


  • Parse command line parameters.
  • Assign aliases to parameters.
  • Custom closures for each command line parameter.
  • Variadic closure support for arguments taking more than one value.
  • Customize the way the command line is parsed.

Example Usage

// Initialize a new Cluster
$parameters = new Cluster();

// Add a Parameter to the Cluster
$parameter = parameter('-', 'name', function ($name) {
    return $name;

          ->setDescription('Your name.');


// Create a new Parser using the Cluster
$parser = new Parser($argv, $parameters);

// Parse the parameters using the Parser.
$results = $parser->parse();

// Verify that the parameters were valid after parsing.
if (! $parser->isValid()) {

    // Since it was not valid, output usage.
        "Parameter Parser",
        "An advanced parameter parser for PHP",

} else {

    // Retrieve the name from the results
    $name = $results['name'];

    // Output the name
    echo 'Your name is ' . $name . PHP_EOL;



~/ php test.php -name 'Nathan Fiscaletti'

   Your name is Nathan Fiscaletti
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