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📡 A simple framework for creating your own API
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What is it?

Synful is a simple PHP framework that gives you the tools to create a custom web API in minutes.

How can I get it?

Head over to The Wiki Pages for information on how to get Synful and what the next steps are to get your custom API up and running!


On a Vagrant box with 4096MB RAM, 4x CPU, running a LAMP stack using the GetIpExample.php Request Handler.

$ sudo ab -t 60 -c 5
Requests per second:    6545.17 [#/sec] (mean)

Preview (RequestHandler)

namespace Synful\App\RequestHandlers;

use \Synful\Util\Framework\RequestHandler;
use \Synful\Util\Framework\Request;

 * Example RequestHandler.
class GetIPExample extends RequestHandler
     * Override the handler endpoint
     * Example:
     * uses the endpoint `user/search`.
     * @var string
    public $endpoint = 'example/getip';

     * Handles a GET request type.
     * @param  \Synful\Util\Framework\Request $request
     * @return \Synful\Util\Framework\Response|array
    public function get(Request $request)
        return [
            'ip' => $request->ip,
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