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A configurable clock widget to be used with adesklets.
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Python 2.6, at least

clocklet is a configurable desktop widget for displaying the time, 
however you want.

I wrote it after seeing a few date/time widgets in different widget programs
that weren't quite up to what I expected. Hopefully it satisfies your needs.


Simply run the program with python, i.e. "python", it will ask 
if you want to register or test the torrent. I recommend testing it first 
to make sure it does what you want. If it does, run it again and choose register.


Configuration is done via the config.txt file. Example configs are included in the 
example-configs folder. It's quite straight-forward in my opinion, but I'll do a 
rundown on the options.

alpha    - level of transparency, 0-255.
caps     - capitalise all text or not.
color    - the color you want your text to be.
displays - displays is a tuple of maps. The basic map layout is this:
   font     - the font to use for this specific display. Layout should be NAME/SIZE.
   format   - The text to display. E.g. "%M" will display minutes.
   x_pos    - X co-ord to display the above format text at. Can be either a string 
              or a hard coded number.
   y_pos    - same deal as x_pos, but for Y co-ord.

height   - height of the widget.
width    - width of the widget.
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