Console based issue tracker with similar usability to Git.
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Python 3.0
pysqlite, any recent version (I use 2.6.0)

Rabbit is an issue-tracker created for for single developer projects. Students, this means you!

I noticed that all of my small projects had no simple, standard way to keep track of bugs, features, ideas and notes in general about them and so quite often, no documentation of these sorts was ever done and the projects would become awful messes, or I'd use some horrid hackup of textfiles which resulted in the same mess.

I couldn't find any out there, so I wrote this.


Copy to a bin folder of your choice. Personally, I make a symbolic link from ~/bin/ chmod +x it like normal. And there you go!

Windows Users: I'm aware that there are a few things about this that make it hard to run on Windows. I'm in the process of developing a GUI so it can be used on Windows too.


No configuration needed. Just use it!

Usage of this glorious software is a bit difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you use it (so use it lots!)

Typical steps include:

Initalising a repository:
   rabbit init

Adding an issue:
   rabbit add -b "Example brief description" -d "example long description" -t "Issue type" -s "status"

Removing an issue:
   rabbit rm 1

Updating an issue:
   rabbit update [ID] -b "Example brief description" -d "example long description" -t "Issue type" -s "status"

Closing an issue:
   rabbit close [ID]...

Opening an issue:
   rabbit open [ID]...

Displaying issues:
   rabbit list

Displaying issues with a status of 'open':
   rabbit list open

Displaying a specific issue in detailed form:
   rabbit detail [issue id]

And so on. To get a full list of the available options to you, run this:
   rabbit help


As I develop this software by myself, I also maintain the bugs and enhancements myself, with rabbit! So if you have any suggestions, or find a bug, please contact me via my details in the AUTHORS file.