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Command line Python program for renaming groups of files to match a pattern (e.g. renaming TV shows) - no longer maintained, see bitbucket link
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Python 2.6, at least

renamer is my attempt at a batch file renamer. I couldn't find any console 
versions of software like this, so I wrote my own.

Copy to a bin folder of your choice. Personally, I make a symbolic link from ~/bin/

There are no configuration options.


Using this software can be a little confusing. So I'll run through some simple usage statements:

To rename all files in a folder to have the name "The Pacfic S01E(episode).(extension)", you would do this:
   renamer "The Pacific S01E%s" 1 *

Want to start from a different number?
   renamer "The Pacific S01E%s" 5 *

Want to rename specific files?
   renamer "The Pacific S01E%s" 1 file1.avi file2.avi file5.avi file6.avi 

You can also test your batch before you do it, to make sure you're not doing anything unwanted.
That's done like so:
   renamer "The Pacific S01E%s" 1 test *

You can also do a confimation before each file is processed, like so:
   renamer "The Pacific S01E%s" 1 confirm *

You may notice that I never specify filename extensions. That's because my 
program handles those, you don't want to stomp on extensions now, do you?
(e.g., you have a folder full of JPGs and PNGs, you don't want to change 
the JPGs to PNGs, do you?)


I've written this software for my specific requirements, but if you have any 
features you'd like to see added, don't hesitate to contact me. My email is 
in the attached AUTHORS file.

NOTE: I WILL NOT accept feature requests that will introduce any kind of GUI
to this application. I wrote it with the specific intent that no console version
of this software existed. There are many good GUI alternatives.
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