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Simple client for adding torrents to different transmission daemons. Intended to be used with a web browser.

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Python 2.6, at least
pygtk > 2.0
transmissionrpc (

transmission-add is a simple gui app to add torrents to different 
transmission daemons easily.

It's intended to be used with a web browser. I wrote it because there's no way
for the browser to distinguish which server you want to add a particular 
torrent to (i.e., video to a media server, iso to regular desktop)


Copy to a bin folder of your choice. Personally, I make a symbolic link from ~/bin/
Then, run chmod +x on the script.
After that, configure your browser to run .torrent files with my script.


Configuration is done in the file. Simply open it, the configuration 
options are all at the top. If you would like to see a real config file 
created for this program, see the AUTHORS file.
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