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A Python-based build framework for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files in a project.
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Juice Builder

Juice Builder is a Python-based build framework for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. By using Juice, you gain preprocessor-like capabilities in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Some examples of where this might be useful:

  • You are stuck deploying static HTML that contains a lot of common elements.
  • You want to produce multiple JS files that differ based on some parameter known ahead of time.
  • You want to incorporate a build system for JavaScript files into your project that manages minification for you.

Using Juice

You use Juice by running the program, which will look for a juice.json file in the current directory and attempt to build it. The juice.json file contains a list of files included in the project and a list of options that are available.

A sample juice.json file looks like this:

    "options": {
        "debug": { "value": false, "help": "enable debug messages" }
    "files": [
        { "filename": "src/sample.js", "output": "sample.min.js", "compress": true }

The above juice.json will look for a file src/sample.js, parse the Juice commands in the file, minify the file (using Google's Closure Compiler), and write the output to out/sample.min.js. All of this can be done using the following command:


If you wanted to enable the debug option, you would instead run the command:

python --enable-debug

Juice Example

Here is an example of Juice in action:

// We only want the following line included in the output file
// if the 'debug' option is set

/* @if debug */
/* @endif */

Projects Using Juice

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