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App is released, and is fully functional. More to follow.

Basic Tutorial

Uploading the Files:

Log into the website using the username and password for your user account.
Once you have logged into the website, you should be able to access the upload page. From this upload page, you may upload two flow cytometry files to compare. Alternatively, you may press the “View Example” button to view the data of an example experiment and proceed directly to Data Visualization.
In the tab titled “FCS File 1”, upload the FCS file produced from the flow cytometer, such that this file is the control file for which analyses and visualizations will be based on.
In the tab titled “FCS File 2”, upload the FCS file that corresponds to the experimental file, in which a variable was changed from the control file.
Once the files have been selected and uploaded, press the “Upload” button.

Data Visualization:

After the upload button is pressed, you will be able to access the data visualization page.
The visualizations are shown in a slide presentation format, such that the arrow keys left and right will allow the user to move from graph to graph.
If the user wishes to save any of the images to their computer, right-click the thumbnail on the right side of the page, and click “Save Image As…”. This will prompt the user to give the image a name and will allow the image to be downloaded onto the user’s computer.
To access the CSV (Excel-readable) file that originated from the FCS file (for the displayed channels), click the “Download raw CSV file” link on the right side of the page.
To return to the upload page and begin a new upload for FCS files, click the “New Job” link on the right side of the page.

... More to follow regarding Advanced Analysis