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Flides allows to create sets of slides in HTML5, using javascript

The core visualisation features (zoom in particular) is based on impress.js. I added some features:

  • slide steps, allowing to display slides by small bits (using 'right'), with a quick mode ('down')
  • navigational shortcuts: 'enter' for going ot the overview and 'backspace' for going to the beginning,
  • always visible slides,
  • animation using SVG,
  • partial overviews, showing what was already seen but not what is coming after,
  • clickable / not clickable slides...

You can check out this basic demo I made. Please find here and here two complete sets of slides.

If you have troubles visualising them:

  • If you see nothing: you are using a too old browser which did not yet implement the latest HTML5 features used there, or you did not enable javascript. I can do nothing for you.
  • If it's slow and laggy: you may want to try Google Chrome, as it's definitely the best browser for this.
  • If some parts of the slides do not fit the windows: it's because you use a zoom in your browser, play with it (usually, setting it to between 67% and 100% works just fine).

All comments and questions are most welcome! I'd be very glad to help you making HTML5 slides.


Flides allows to create sets of slides in HTML5, using javascript






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