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// Type definitions for usa-states 0.0.1
// Project: A library that helps you generate the list of states you like
// Definitions by: Nathan Barrett
export as namespace usaStatesLib;
export = UsaStates;
/*~ If you want to expose types from your module as well, you can
*~ place them in this block.
declare namespace UsaStates {
export interface IStateResult {
name: string,
abbreviation: string,
territory: boolean,
capital: string,
contiguous: boolean,
export interface IConfiguration {
contiguousOnly: boolean,
includeTerritories: boolean,
exclude: string[],
ignoreCharacter: string
/*~ Write your module's methods and properties in this class */
export class UsaStates {
constructor(configuration?: UsaStates.IConfiguration);
states: any[];
config: UsaStates.IConfiguration;
/** Takes a selector of 'abbreviation', 'state', or 'capital' and returns an array of strings */
arrayOf(selector: string): string[];
/** Takes a custom object template with aliases and returns an array of us states in that format */
format(customFormat?: Object): Object[];