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Remote controlled slideshow using Eye of Gnome/Eye of Mate
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This is a very customized project written to sit on top of either the Eye of Gnome or Eye of Mate slideshow feature. It stores a file directory and starts or stops a slideshow of the pictures at that location via a Cherry Py web server. While the project was originally targeted only towards Eye of GNOME, Eye of MATE was included because Eye of GNOME displays the menu bar in slideshow mode in Lubuntu which I am using this for. You may want to try out both just to see if you have any issues with either one.


Install Eye of GNOME or Eye of MATE (see chart below), git, Python and pip. Then, if you understand them, run the following commands in your terminal:

git clone
cd slideshow
python3 -m pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
python3 src/ [--skipconfig]
# The --skipconfig parameter starts up the server without displaying the configuration menu

Eye of Gnome/Eye of Mate Installation

Platform Install Eye of GNOME Install Eye of MATE
Debian/Ubuntu/... sudo apt install eog sudo apt install eom
Fedora sudo dnf install eog sudo dnf install eom
Arch/Manjaro/... sudo pacman -S eog sudo pacman -S eom
snap - setup sudo snap install eog Not Available (Yet...)
flatpak and flathub - setup flatpak install flathub org.gnome.eog Not Available (Yet...)





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