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from django import template
from basic.inlines.parser import inlines
from basic.inlines.models import InlineType
import re
register = template.Library()
def render_inlines(value):
Renders inlines in a ``Post`` by passing them through inline templates.
Template Syntax::
{{ post.body|render_inlines|markdown:"safe" }}
Inline Syntax (singular)::
<inline type="<app_name>.<model_name>" id="<id>" class="med_left" />
Inline Syntax (plural)::
<inline type="<app_name>.<model_name>" ids="<id>, <id>, <id>" />
An inline template will be used to render the inline. Templates will be
locaed in the following maner:
The template will be passed the following context:
An object for the corresponding passed id.
A list of objects for the corresponding ids.
It would be wise to anticipate both object_list and object unless
you know for sure one or the other will only be present.
return inlines(value)
def extract_inlines(value):
return inlines(value, True)
class InlineTypes(template.Node):
def __init__(self, var_name):
self.var_name = var_name
def render(self, context):
types = InlineType.objects.all()
context[self.var_name] = types
return ''
def do_get_inline_types(parser, token):
Gets all inline types.
{% get_inline_types as [var_name] %}
Example usage::
{% get_inline_types as inline_list %}
tag_name, arg = token.contents.split(None, 1)
except ValueError:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError, "%s tag requires arguments" % token.contents.split()[0]
m ='as (\w+)', arg)
if not m:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError, "%s tag had invalid arguments" % tag_name
var_name = m.groups()[0]
return InlineTypes(var_name)