📝 A simple persistent user settings framework for Electron.
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A simple persistent user settings framework for Electron.

Originally adapted from Atom's own configuration manager and the settings manager of choice for Electron's own demo app, electron-settings allows you to persist user settings and other data simply and easily.

Also, you can subscribe to properties and get notified when their values change. So that's pretty nifty.


$ npm install --save electron-settings


const { app } = require('electron');
const settings = require('electron-settings');

app.on('ready', () => {

  settings.set('name', {
    first: 'Cosmo',
    last: 'Kramer'

  // => "Cosmo"

  // => false

⚠️ Please note: Any and all interaction with electron-settings must be executed after the Electron app has fired the ready event, otherwise your app may encounter unexpected errors or data loss.


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