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📝 A simple persistent user settings framework for Electron.


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Electron Settings

A simple and robust settings management library for Electron.

Born from Atom's original internal configuration manager and the settings manager of choice for Electron's own API Demos app, Electron Settings allows you to persist user settings and other data between app loads simply and easily.

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npm install electron-settings


import settings from 'electron-settings';

await settings.set('color', {
  name: 'cerulean',
  code: {
    rgb: [0, 179, 230],
    hex: '#003BE6'

await settings.get('');
// => "cerulean"

await settings.get('color.code.rgb[1]');
// => 179

⚠ For Electron v10+, if you want to use electron-settings within a browser window, be sure to set the enableRemoteModule web preference to true. Otherwise you might get the error Cannot read property 'app' of undefined. See #133 for more info.

new BrowserWindow({
  webPreferences: {
    enableRemoteModule: true // <-- Add me

API Docs

API docs and can be found at

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