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Google Voice Notifier


Google Voice Growl Notifier

Adds much needed Growl functionality to Google Voice. The Google Voice webpage never refreshes like Gmail does to get a (1) in the title. At the heart of the program is a perl script that polls Google Voice for new messages. Since I haven't built a login system yet, it uses a cookies.txt file which contains the appropriate Google Voice cookie. It's controlled by a launch daeomon, so it starts on on boot.

To install:

  1. Copy com.nathancahill.gv_notifier.plist to /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  2. Save the Google Voice cookies to cookies.txt in 'Google Voice Notifier'
  3. Copy 'Google Voice Notifier' to /Library/Application Support/

Exporting cookies:

For Firefox, install the Export Cookies addon.

For Chrome, install the cookies.txt export extension.

Safari is a bit trickier, there's a great little ruby script by Serious Orange to tackle the problem.