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Reference site for common computing tasks in statistics and data science

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How to Data

Visit the website

This is a how-to website for students of data science. It will contain answers to a wide variety of how-to questions about data-related software and programming languages.

View the site online here.


The website content is licensed under the CC-by-4.0 license. This includes the contents of the database/, jekyll-input/, and docs/ folders within this repository. Anyone submitting website content via a pull request to this repository implicitly agrees that the work they are submitting can be licensed by this project in that way, and that they have the right to permit us to do so (e.g., by virtue of having written the content themselves).

The code that builds the website is licensed under the MIT license. This includes all the rest of the repository outside the three folders mentioned above.

Building the website

The more common way for volunteers to contribute to this site is by submitting new content, then letting the maintainers incorporate it into the site. See the Contributing page of the site for details.

For those who want to check out this repository, edit content, build the site, and make pull requests, see the wiki in this repository for instructions on how to do so.