Bikesharing application written in ASP.NET MVC.
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Bike Share
Bike Share.sln

RIT SG Bikeshare

This is the official open source software project backing This site is intended to manage all parts of the administration of a bike share program, including, but not limited to:

  • Maintenance of bikes
  • Legal compliance
  • User management
  • Checkout of bikes


This application was developed by Nathan Castle and released under the MIT license. For more information, consult


This Bike Share application is developed using ASP.NET MVC, with a MSSQL database and Bootstrap for styling.


In order to install/use this software, you will need:

  • Visual Studio 2013 (free for students on Dreamspark!)
  • .NET 4.5
  • Nuget

Setting up the server

When setting up the server, make sure the following Roles are installed

  • Web Server (IIS)
    • Web Server
      • Application Development
        • Application Initialization
        • ASP.NET 4.5 Make sure the following features are installed if you want to send emails from the server.
  • SMTP Server


  • Clone the desired branch (generic or branded) to your local machine.
  • Ensure that Nuget package restore is enabled and retrieve all packages
  • Navigate to build/publish
  • Publish to web deploy package. Don't include App_Data. Do set build config to release.
  • Copy the web deploy package to the destination server
  • In IIS, import package, then select the web deploy zip.
  • In the deployed website directory, update web.config with desired database settings.
  • Update web.config with email settings (there are two places)
  • Update nJupiter.DataAccess.ldap.config in bin with your ldap information
  • Create Content/Images/Racks, and give write access to IIS_IUsers so that users can upload files.