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This is my ipsum app I've built as an exercise in learning Javascript. I wanted to build my own original ipsum without copying any single tutorial because the point is learning JS.

To play with the code or make your own, clone this repo and run 'Gulp.' More info on my workflow can be seen on my 'blank canvas' git: .

Here's how it works:

  • The quotes from each 'ipsum' are stored in lorem.js. Each 'ipsum' is a sub-array of var myArray, with its own variable the respective theme. The function selectTheme() switches the body class for each theme which is styled separately in SASS.
  • The </> button is linked to the showHTML function which adds a .show class added to the main.container element toggling between display:inline and display:none.
  • The number of sentences per paragraph is a random number between 3-8.
  • the P and Li buttones are attched to functions pButton() and liButton(). When either button is clicked, the function first shuffles each array, assigns the correct array to var a, and injects the new paragraph or list item into the output div.
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