Datalogger webserver to log data via UART on a Raspberry Pi using the Django framework
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Datalogger Webserver

A portable datalogger webserver capable of running on any local connection. Includes Python scripts to timestamp and log GPS data (or any data stream via UART) on a Raspberry Pi into .csv files. Implemented using HTML5/CSS web interface to create, edit, remove, or view logging data history.

Datalogger Features

  • Ability to create new logger with specified and standard/default settings. Choose baudrate, desired .csv file name, data stream update rate, port, and timeout.
  • File hosting capability.
  • View, download, or delete individual files.
  • Current logging status with ability to stop logger.

Developers Guide

In the "Logging History" tab, to show past loggers admin credentials are:

Username: admin

Password: spectrum

To start the server: Go to directory with the "" inside. Enter:

python runserver

To access, go to "IPv4 address:8000" on any web browser. For example: IPv4 address = Thus run "" in address bar.

To check if logger is alive:

ps aux | grep "python"

To check real-time datastream:

tail -f ""