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@@ -16,23 +16,23 @@ You only need to download the script, and link it in the HEAD of your page(s). T
You can also set a few custom options:
-Option Description Default
+Option Description Default
-elements Which elements do you want to tame - jQuery-like Selector 'p,li,dd'
+elements Which elements? jQuery-like Selector 'p,li,dd'
-chars Number of characters to qualify a “widow”. - Number 14
+chars Number of characters to qualify a “widow” 14
-method Method by which to fix the widow. 'word-spacing'
+method Method by which to fix the widow 'word-spacing'
Options: 'word-spacing'
-dir Used with certain methods. Positive or negative change. 'pos'
+dir Used with certain methods. +/- change 'pos'
Options: 'pos'
-event When do you want the fix to run? Any window events. 'orientationchange'
+event Any window events on which to run the fix 'orientationchange'
Suggested Options: 'orientationchange'

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