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MyReads: A Book Lending App

This is the final assessment project for Udacity's Nanodegree React Fundamentals course.

This project was initially created based on a starter template providing CSS and basic HTML structure from Udacity. A backend API was also provided to communicate with a Backend Server from Udacity for book information and long term storage.

React components were the created to provide book management between the user's current collection and search results. Allowing a user to add, remove, or change shelf of books. These changes were also synced with backend API calls.

Router was implemented to provide unique page links for separate screens and track page history.

Project Rubric


The application requires only npm install and npm start to get it installed and launched.


The backend API uses a fixed set of cached search results and is limited to a particular set of search terms, which can be found in That list of terms are the only terms that will work with the backend, so don't be surprised if your searches for Basket Weaving or Bubble Wrap don't come back with any results.


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.