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AmmoCounter V2

Repo for AmmoCounter V2 Arduino code

Learn more at

2 Digit 7 Segment Common Anode 10 Pin Out

      A  B Ca1 Ca2 F
      |  |  |   |  |
 ---------    ---------
 |   A   |    |   A   |
F|       |B  F|       |B
 |---G---|    |---G---|
E|       |C  E|       |C
 |   D   |    |   D   |
 ---------    ---------
      |  |  |  |  |
      C  Dp E  D  G

How to install:

Download the latest code here and unzip.

Copy the contents of the "Libraries" folder content into the “Libraries” folder in the folder you installed your Arduino software.

Double click on the AmmoCounter_V2 > AmmoCounter_V2.ino to open the sketch in the Arduino IDE.

Upload the sketch to your Arduino.

Version History

v2.0 - Addition of 10 pin 7 Segment LED, and 2 PNP transistor code, also remove shift register functions

v1.1 - Increment and decrement toggle switches, compatible with both IR beam and counter lever switches.

v1.0 - First installation of the AmmoCounter code, various revisions include IR beam, auto-reset, reset/clip toggle buttons.