Pencil stencil collection for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) UI components
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Android Lollipop Stencils for Pencil

⚠️ No longer actively developed

Other commitments and the fact I no longer use Pencil mean this repo is no longer being actively worked on. Pull-requests with new features/fixes are still welcome, as are new issues, but my responses might not be the speediest 🙂

Collection of common Android Lollipop UI elements for Pencil. All in vector format.

Check out my other stencil collections for Pencil at

Example mockup made with the collection

An example mockup using some of the included components

See #2 for a full list of included components - requests & contributions welcome!


  1. Download the zip for the latest release. (Make sure you grab the file, not the source code zip).
  2. In Pencil, install the .zip via Tools > Install new collection...
  3. Make sure the Hide Heavy Elements option in the View menu is unchecked


Right-click on the collection in Pencil's sidebar and choose Uninstall this collection before repeating the installation steps.


Works best with the Roboto font installed.

To change between Roboto's various font weights, use the Font Weight option in the element right-click menu.

Check out my Material Icons for Pencil repo if you want to use Google's Material Design Icons in your mockups.

Want to showcase your awesome mockups? Dani Guardiola's Material export template goes well with this stencil collection.


Released under the MIT License - see LICENSE for full text.

A link back here is appreciated when sharing mockups/images created with this collection, but not required.