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Material Icons for Pencil

⚠️ No longer actively developed

Other commitments and the fact I no longer use Pencil mean this repo is no longer being actively worked on. Pull-requests with new features/fixes are still welcome, as are new issues, but my responses might not be the speediest 🙂

All 1000+ icons from Material Design Icons as a Pencil stencil collection.

Based on the 24px version of the icons, however everything is in vector format, so can be scaled to any size.

Check out my other stencil collections for Pencil at


  • Download the latest release zip file.
  • Install the collection in Pencil by going to Tools > Install new collection and selecting the zip.
  • Enjoy!


Right-click on the collection in Pencil's sidebar and choose Uninstall this collection before repeating the installation steps.

Generating the Collection

  • Clone this repo with the --recursive flag to include submodules. (or just clone it normally then git submodule init and git submodule update)
  • Run the script (tested with Python 3.4).

This will generate the stencil definition XML and png thumbnails and place them in the gen/ folder.

Everything inside the gen/ folder can then be zip'd and installed in Pencil.

Windows users wanting to generate the collection: see this comment.


From the Material Design Icons README:

Community Icons - SIL Open Font License 1.1

Google Material Design Icons - Attribution 4.0 International

All source code/scripts used to generate the Pencil stencil are released under the MIT License.