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Emoji for Pencil

⚠️ No longer actively developed

Other commitments and the fact I no longer use Pencil mean this repo is no longer being actively worked on. Pull-requests with new features/fixes are still welcome, as are new issues, but my responses might not be the speediest 🙂

Twitter Emoji as a Pencil stencil collection - drag-and-drop emoji into your mockups! 👍

Check out my other stencil collections for Pencil at


  • Download the latest release zip file. (Make sure you grab the file, not the source code zip).
  • Install the collection in Pencil by going to Tools > Install new collection and selecting the zip.
  • Enjoy!


Right-click on the collection in Pencil's sidebar and choose Uninstall this collection before repeating the installation steps.


Drag-and-drop emoji from the Collections panel onto your mockups. Easy. If you want to change the default emoji size, right-click on the collection in the Collections panel, select Collection settings and enter the desired size (it's 16,16 by default).

Generating the Collection

  • Clone this repo with the --recursive flag to include submodules. (or just clone it normally then git submodule init and git submodule update)
  • Run the script (tested with Python 3.4).

This will generate the stencil definition XML and png thumbnails and place them in the gen/ folder.

Everything inside the gen/ folder can then be zip'd and installed in Pencil.

Windows users wanting to generate the collection: see this comment.


Emoji graphics are by Twitter and are licensed under CC-BY 4.0. Please check the Attribution Requirements for using the emoji.

All source code/scripts used to generate the Pencil stencil are released under the MIT License.


Twitter emoji (Twemoji) as a Pencil stencil collection




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