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Product Website


MyUsual-Back End

GitHub Back-End Code

Product Description

Have you and your better half, roommate, or acquaintance ever needed to go to your local grocery store and had a myriad of items or better yet, SPECIFIC items you needed? We're sure that's a unanimous YES!

Everyone has grocery lists. Whether it be generic grocery lists, preferred foods/drinks lists, or special occasions lists...Everyone makes them.

Alongside with those lists, someone has to get those lists to make sure they've not forgotten anything. But what if you or they forgot something on that list, wanted to change the list, or simply wanted to create a list on the fly while they're driving home from work? This can easily turn into a horrid and convoluted experience. No one wants to deal with multiple texts, notes, emails, etc of obtaining those changes or creations.

That's where myUsual simplifies your life. myUsual is THE sleek and simple way of creating, editing, and most importantly, sharing YOUR USUAL items and lists.

Below you will see the steps we've taken to create the app as well as a walkthrough of how to use it. We hope you enjoy myUsual and incorporate it into your grocery shopping lives.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Feel free to contact us via:

Technologies We used to build this app:

- Atom

- Auth0

- Bootstrap

- Express.js

- Heroku

- MongoDB

- Node.js

- Sketch

- Trello

- Lots & LOTS of Starbucks

Before and After:

OG Start

Whiteboard Layout


Login Page

Auth0 Login Page

Main App Page

Final Product:

Login Page

Auth0 Login Page

Main App Page

We're Responsive Too!

User Stories:


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