Completion for Swift projects via SourceKit with the help of SourceKitten
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company-mode completion for Swift projects via SourceKit with the help of SourceKittenDaemon.


  • Only works when there is a *.xcodeproj up the directory tree.
  • OSX-only, since this communicates with SourceKit which only runs on OSX (AFAIK)
  • You need to have curl on your machine


First install SourceKittenDaemon. Make sure that it's in the exec-path of your Emacs.

And then you can install company-sourcekit in the following ways:


M-x package-install <RET> company-sourcekit <RET>


Make sure this repository is in your load-path, and then:

(require 'company-sourcekit)
(add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-sourcekit)


  • company-sourcekit-use-yasnippet - Use yasnippet for completion expansion. By default this is enabled if yasnippet is detected.
  • company-sourcekit-verbose - Log company-related messages to *messages* with verbosity
  • sourcekit-available-ports - A list of ports that sourcekittendaemon is allowed to listen on.
  • sourcekit-sourcekittendaemon-executable - Location of the sourcekittendaemon executable
  • sourcekit-curl-executable - Location of the curl executable
  • sourcekit-verbose - Log sourcekittendaemon-related messages to *messages* with verbosity

How it works

  • company-sourcekit communicates with sourcekittendaemon via HTTP.
  • Which in turn communicates with SourceKit using the sourcekitten framework.
  • sourcekittendaemon will read your .xcodeproj file and determine the best configuration options to pass to sourcekit.



Is most welcome. Please use a feature branch and format your code with indent-region d(^.^)b