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Book a Conference Room at Old Hort

We've recently implemented an online form in order to streamline the process of booking a conference room in the Old Horticulture Building

Getting Started

Go to, hover over the "Home" tab and click on "Book a Conference Room"

Alternatively you can just go to and start there.

Using the Interface

The interface is pretty simple and shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

The first thing you have to do is select the room so it will load the right calendar

Then click the date on the calendar you want the conference room to be booked for. If you want it booked for a weekend talk to the people in the main office over at Old Hort

The Calendar

If the Calendar date you want is orange, hover over it and make sure you the time you want isn't booked, if you try to overlap during that time you will get an error

Using the Interface Cont.

After you've selected the room and date go to start time. Unfortunately the plugin only supports 24h time. If it seems like the numbers aren't working when you type them in, make sure that the time starts with a 0,1, or 2 depending on the time.

You have to enter your email, but your phone number is optional will only be used to contact you if there is a problem and needs to be resolved quickly.

Then enter details explaining what it will be used for.

Getting your confirmation

After you've entered your information you should be taken to a confirmation page and get an email telling you that your request has been recieved. We will try our best to respond as fast as possible but expect a 1 business day response time.