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Latest commit 74773e3 @nathanl bundle open should use vim
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bash Enable chruby in bash
git Note to self
other_files Add DejaVu fonts
vim md_preview is a script now
zsh bundle open should use vim
.gitignore Ignore .netrwhist files
.gitmodules Add Gundo plugin as a submodule Notes to self
README.markdown Update README
bundle_config Add some more bundler configs
git-cwd-info.rb Use Ruby script for git info instead of bash one
iex.exs Update .iex.exs for newer Elixir
irbrc Can I get an average? Yes I can.
pryrc Stub .pryrc file
psqlrc Formatting Document symlinks needed on a new system
ssh_config Has to be on a separate line
tmux.conf New windows and panes should use PWD


Dotfiles, Ho!

Custom configuration files. Contains config for zsh and other files, but most of the attention has gone into the Vim config. The rest was copied from elsewhere and needs some attention.


  1. Clone this repo to ~/.vim
  2. The following files (or whatever subset you like) should be symlinked from your home directory (taken from the output of ls -lah | grep .dot in my home directory)
.bash@ -> .dotfiles/bash
.bash_profile@ -> .dotfiles/bash/bash_profile
.gitignore@ -> .dotfiles/gitignore
.gvimrc@ -> .dotfiles/.gvimrc
.irbrc@ -> .dotfiles/irbrc
.vim@ -> .dotfiles/.vim
.vimrc@ -> .dotfiles/.vimrc
.zsh@ -> .dotfiles/.zsh
.zshrc@ -> .dotfiles/.zsh/zshrc

You can create these symlinks like, for example, ln -s .dotfiles/.vimrc .vimrc

(TODO: create a bash (or ruby) script to set up each of these with prompt, backing up your current one)

The One Quirk

The .vimrc in this repo was originally a collaboration between Nathan and Michael. You get Nathan's settings by default. To get Michaels's settings, create ~/.currentVimUser.vim containing let whoami='michael'.

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