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.config/cmus Start tracking cmus autosave file May 13, 2016
bash Enable chruby in bash Jul 2, 2014
bin Improve 'judge' Mar 29, 2018
git Don't automatically pipe git logs to less Mar 6, 2018
vim Update vim-elixir Mar 30, 2018
zsh formatting Mar 30, 2018
.gitignore Ignore .netrwhist files Sep 21, 2011
.gitmodules Notes to self Nov 19, 2014
README.markdown Add a setup script Apr 18, 2016
bundle_config Add some more bundler configs Jan 6, 2016
git-cwd-info.rb Use Ruby script for git info instead of bash one Feb 22, 2012
irbrc Way to get method ancestry in ruby console Feb 24, 2017
pryrc Way to get method ancestry in ruby console Feb 24, 2017
psqlrc Formatting Jan 6, 2016 Document symlinks needed on a new system Feb 8, 2014
ssh_config Has to be on a separate line Jan 22, 2016
tmux.conf Copy and paste updates for tmux 2.4 Feb 12, 2018


Dotfiles, Ho!

Custom configuration files. Contains config for zsh and other files, but most of the attention has gone into the Vim config. The rest was copied from elsewhere and needs some attention.


  1. Clone this repo to ~/.vim
  2. Run ruby setup.rb