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Won't implement.

This is impossible in some cases, hard in others,
and maybe be undesirably magical anyway.

For instance, if someone wanted to do
`link_to(@post)`, we could *maybe* determined the
controller action and method and figure out if
that's authorized or not. But if they do
`link_to ('Search', '')`,
there is truly no way for Authority to authorize
that. So `authorized_link_to` would not be usable
in that case, and it's unclear what it should do.

Finally, if the developer does the normal
`link_to(@post) if current_user.can_read?(@post)`,
it's clear to him/her how Authority will answer
that question. But with `authorized_link_to`,
there would be a layer of magic in determining
which permission to check, which would make this
harder to understand and debug.

So: not gonna do it.
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Nathan Long authored May 12, 2012

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-- It would be nice to have an `authorized_link_to` method, which determines from the given path and the user's permissions whether to show the link. Not sure yet how hard this would be.

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