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Long-overdue nautical example [ci skip]

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@@ -45,8 +45,9 @@ Using Authority, you have:
- Fine-grained, **instance-level** rules. Examples:
- "Management users can only edit schedules with date ranges in the future."
- "Users can't create playlists more than 20 songs long unless they've paid."
-- A clear syntax for permissions-based views. Example:
+- A clear syntax for permissions-based views. Examples:
- `link_to 'Edit Widget', edit_widget_path(@widget) if current_user.can_update?(@widget)`
+ - `link_to 'Keelhaul Scallywag', keelhaul_scallywag_path(@scallywag) if current_user.can_keelhaul?(@scallywag)`
- Graceful handling of access violations: by default, it displays a "you can't do that" screen and logs the violation.
- Minimal effort and mess.

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