Using Authority with Devise and multiple user models

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The Devise authentication gem allows you to have multiple types of users. For example, you might have current_user for some controllers and current_admin for others.

Authority currently only supports a single method for getting the current user; whatever you put in config.user_method, it will expect to be able to call that method on any controller in your app.

However, you can easily adapt to this requirement using method aliases. For example:

# config/initializers/authority.rb
config.user_method = :user_for_this_request # or whatever; default is :current_user

# app/controllers/users_controller.rb
class UsersController < ApplicationController
  alias :user_for_this_request :current_user

# app/controllers/admins_controller.rb
class AdminsController < ApplicationController
  alias :user_for_this_request :current_admin

# app/controllers/secret_things_controller.rb
class SecretThingsController < AdminsController