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Explained why `before(:all)` won't work for stubs.

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Nathan Long authored March 05, 2012

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@@ -239,6 +239,12 @@ While this is a good thing when you really need it, you probably don't really
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 need it! Take care to specify only the things that matter to the behavior of
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 your code.
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+## Use `before(:each)`, not `before(:all)`
+Stubs in `before(:all)` are not supported. The reason is that all stubs and mocks get cleared out after each example, so any stub that is set in `before(:all)` would work in the first example that happens to run in that group, but not for any others.
+Instead of `before(:all)`, use `before(:each)`.
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 ## Further Reading
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 There are many different viewpoints about the meaning of mocks and stubs. If

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