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+# Secret Santa Script
+This is a simple Ruby script for assigning secret Santas and emailing everyone their assignment.
+The script uses Dennis Ranke's solution from [The Ruby Quiz #2](, which gives everyone a correct assignment in a single pass through the list. Nice! :) The only tweaks I made were practical ones, like using config files, and a tiny bit of refactoring, logging, etc, to make it more apparent what's happening.
+## Usage
+- Clone the repo
+- Copy each of the `.yml.example` files in `config/` to a corresponding `.yml` and customize
+- Run `ruby secret_santa.rb` and examine the output
+- When you're satisfied, set `REALLY_SENDING` to `true` and run it again
+## Dependencies
+None, other than Ruby (I tested on 1.9) and the standard library.
+## Thanks
+Thanks to Dennis Ranke for a nice solution, and to James Edward Gray II for running The Ruby Quiz.

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