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A widget for Übersicht that displays the latest issues
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Übersicht GitIssues Widget

This widget provides you with the ten most recently updated issues on a given GitHub repository.


How to install

Download either the ZIP-file from the repository, or only the gitissues.jsx file, and put it into your widgets folder (find it by choosing Open Widgets Folder from the Übersicht menu). It should automatically load.


You have a few options to configure the GitIssues widget:

const info = {
  // repo contains your repository name in the format <owner>/<repository>
  'repo': 'felixhageloh/uebersicht',
  // Distance of the widget to the top edge of the screen in pixels
  'top': 240,
  // Distance of the widget to the left edge of the screen in pixels
  'left': 45

The widget will update itself every ten minutes. Make sure there is an internet connection for it to retrieve data from the GitHub v3 API.


This plugin's code is distributed under the GNU GPL v3 license. Please find the license text in the LICENSE-file.

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