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dotfiles for bash, git, and my heavily opinionated vim setup
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Nate's Dotfiles

AKA Vimtastic Front-End Development settings


How to install

Run this:

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

This will clone a copy, move into the new directory, and run the installation script. If you want to install the brew formulas and osx defaults run:


These are optional and only necessary during initial setup. (I might possibly integrate these into the install script sometime in the future.)

To Update

There are two processes to update everything:

cd ~/.dotfiles
git pull

That'll grab everything except the Vim plugins, which are managed by Vundle. To update those, enter Vim and run:


Boom. Everything will be up to date.

Local Overrides

For private settings, or environment specific settings use the following files, all are sourced by default and you have the option to link them from the install script if you have them ready.

  • Bash = ~/.bashrc.local
  • Vim = ~/.vimrc.local
  • Git = ~/.gitconfig.local


These files are the result of my own elbow grease and the super smart settings from other people, I tip my hat to:

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