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Add Wiki page about troubleshooting, mention (:trap) #95

jakubholynet opened this Issue Oct 10, 2012 · 3 comments

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Please add a wiki page "Troubleshooting" and mention there the existence and usage of trap. (There is the "Catching errors with traps" link but under articles and it leads to a long email conversation.)

For example:

Runtime Troubleshooting

Catching data errors with traps

You can use Cascading Traps with Cascalog to capture tuples whose processing fails. To store those tuples into a sink tap (for example an hfs-textline) declare something like

(:trap your-sink-tap)

in the query.


It would be of course more than welcome to include also other troubleshooting tips :-) Thanks!


@jakubholynet, would you mind adding this page? Looks like this is a great start. The wiki is open for editing, I believe. (@nathanmarz, can you confirm?)


Done:,-testing-and-live-coding I added some more topics to the page so that it is not so sadly short :-)

A review would be perhaps good.


good start. closing this.

@Quantisan Quantisan closed this Mar 14, 2013
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