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Add explain function to output dotfile of cascading workflow. #133

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Cascading allows you to output dotfile from flows easily. This is a great help for debugging complex queries.

This was recently documented here:

Why not make it easier and just export an explain function?

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  1. +17 −0 cascalog-core/src/clj/cascalog/api.clj
17 cascalog-core/src/clj/cascalog/api.clj
@@ -186,6 +186,23 @@
{"cascading.flow.job.pollinginterval" 100}))
(.connect flowdef))))
+(defn explain
+ "Explains a query (by outputting a DOT file).
+ outfile - String location for DOT file output.
+ sink-tap - Sink tap for query. Shows on query explanation. Defaults to stdout if omitted.
+ query - Query to be explained.
+ Syntax: (explain outfile query) or (explain outfile sink query)
+ Ex: (explain \"\" (<- [?a ?b] ([[1 2]] ?a ?b)))
+ "
+ ([^String outfile query]
+ (explain outfile (stdout) query))
+ ([^String outfile sink-tap query]
+ (let [^Flow flow (compile-flow sink-tap query)]
+ (w/write-dot flow outfile))))
(defn ?-
"Executes 1 or more queries and emits the results of each query to
the associated tap.
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