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Pallet is used to provision and maintain compute nodes, and aims to solve the problem of providing a consistently configured running image across a range of clouds. It is designed for use from the Clojure REPL, from clojure code, and from the command line.

This repository contains the core pallet crates.


The simplest way to use these crates is to make your project depend on the pallet-crates-all artifact (or pallet-crates-standalone if you want a single jar).

In order to get fine grained dependency control, you can depend on the individual crates that you use.


On the group, or #pallet on freenode irc.


pallet-crates is distributed as a set of jars, and is available in the sonatype repository.

Installation is with maven, lein, cake, or your favourite maven repository aware build tool.


Licensed under EPL


Copyright 2010, 2011 Hugo Duncan.