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storm-kafka provides a regular spout implementation and a TransactionalSpout implementation for Apache Kafka 0.7.

storm-kafka is available from Maven here.

Using KafkaSpout

KafkaSpout is a regular spout implementation that reads from a Kafka cluster. The basic usage is like this:

SpoutConfig spoutConfig = new SpoutConfig(
  ImmutableList.of("kafkahost1", "kafkahost2"), // list of Kafka brokers
  8, // number of partitions per host
  "clicks", // topic to read from
  "/kafkastorm", // the root path in Zookeeper for the spout to store the consumer offsets
  "discovery"); // an id for this consumer for storing the consumer offsets in Zookeeper
KafkaSpout kafkaSpout = new KafkaSpout(spoutConfig);

Currently the spout is parameterized with a static list of brokers and a fixed number of partitions per host – we'd like to make this dynamic in the future.

The spout stores the state of the offsets its consumed in Zookeeper. The spout is parameterized with the root path to store the offsets and an id for this particular spout. So offsets for partitions will be stored in these paths, where "0", "1" are ids for the partitions:

{root path}/{id}/0
{root path}/{id}/1
{root path}/{id}/2
{root path}/{id}/3

By default, the offsets will be stored in the same Zookeeper cluster that Storm uses. You can override this via your spout config like this:

spoutConfig.zkServers = ImmutableList.of("");
spoutConfig.zkPort = 2191;

Another very useful config in the spout is the ability to force the spout to rewind to a previous offset. You do forceStartOffsetTime on the spout config, like so:


It will choose the latest offset written around that timestamp to start consuming. You can force the spout to always start from the latest offset by passing in -1, and you can force it to start from the earliest offset by passing in -2.

Finally, SpoutConfig has options for adjusting how the spout fetches messages from Kafka (buffer sizes, amount of messages to fetch at a time, timeouts, etc.).


  1. Add blacklisting of Kafka servers in KafkaSpout and OpaqueTransactionalKafkaSpout
  2. Discover Kafka brokers dynamically through Zookeeper instead of using a static list of brokers
  3. Discover number of partitions / topic / host dynamically