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64a686b @nathanmarz update changelog for 0.6.2
1 ## 0.6.2
3 * Automatically delete old files in Nimbus's inbox. Configurable with "nimbus.cleanup.inbox.freq.secs" and "nimbus.inbox.jar.expiration.secs"
4 * Redirect System.out and System.err to log4j
5 * Added "topology.worker.child.opts" config, for topology-configurable worker options.
6 * Use Netflix'x Curator library for Zookeeper communication. Workers now reconnect to Zookeeper rather than crash when there's a disconnection.
7 * Bug fix: DRPC server no longer hangs with too many concurrent requests. DPRC server now requires two ports: "drpc.port" and "drpc.invocations.port"
0876c31 @nathanmarz clarify changelog for 0.6.2
8 * Bug fix: Fix race condition in unit testing where time simulation fails to detect that Storm cluster is waiting due to threads that are not alive
64a686b @nathanmarz update changelog for 0.6.2
ff3364a @nathanmarz added changelog
10 ## 0.6.1
12 * storm client "activate" and "deactivate" commands
13 * storm client "rebalance" command
14 * Nimbus will automatically detect and cleanup corrupt topologies (this would previously give an error of the form "file storm...ser cannot be found").
15 * "storm" client will not run unless it's being used from a release.
16 * Topology jar path now passed in using a java property rather than an environment variable.
17 * LD\_LIBRARY\_PATH environment variable is now set on worker processes appropriately.
18 * Replaced jvyaml with snakeyaml. UTF-8 YAML files should now work properly.
19 * Upgraded httpclient, httpcore, and commons-codec dependencies.
21 ## 0.6.0
64a686b @nathanmarz update changelog for 0.6.2
23 * New serialization system based on Kryo
ff3364a @nathanmarz added changelog
24 * Component and stream ids are now strings
25 * Pluggable stream groupings
26 * Storm now chooses an unused port for Zookeeper in local mode instead of crashing when 2181 was in use.
27 * Better support for defining topologies in non-JVM languages. The Thrift structure for topologies now allows you to specify components using a Java class name and a list of arguments to that class's constructor.
28 * Bug fix: errors during the preparation phase of spouts or bolts will be reported to the Storm UI
29 * Bug fix: Fixed bugs related to LinearDRPC topologies where the last bolt implements FinishedCallback
30 * Bug fix: String greater than 64K will now serialize properly
31 * Generalized type of anchors in OutputCollector methods to Collection from List.
32 * Improved logging throughout.
33 * In the "worker.childopts" config, %ID% will be replaced by the worker port.
34 * Significant internal refactorings to clean up the codebase.
36 ## 0.5.4
38 * LinearDRPCTopologyBuilder, a polished DRPC implementation,
39 * Improved custom serialization support. no longer need to provide "token" ids.
40 * Fallback on Java serialization by default. Can be turned off by setting "" to false.
41 * Improved "storm kill" command. Can override the wait time with "-w" flag.
42 * Display topology status in Storm UI
43 * Changed Thrift namespace to avoid conflicts
44 * Better error messages throughout
45 * Storm UI port is configurable through "ui.port"
46 * Minor improvements to Clojure DSL
48 ## 0.5.3
50 * Nimbus and supervisor daemons can now share a local dir.
51 * Greatly improved Clojure DSL for creating topologies.
52 * Increased the default timeouts for startup of workers and tasks.
53 * Added the commands "localconfvalue", "remoteconfvalue", and "repl" to the storm script.
54 * Better error message when "storm jar" can't find the nimbus host in the configuration.
56 ## 0.5.2
58 * No longer need any native dependencies to run Storm in local mode. Storm now uses a pure Java messaging system in local mode
59 * Fixed logging configurations so that logging is no longer suppressed when including the Storm release jars on the classpath in local mode.
61 ## 0.5.1
63 * Changed ISerialization's "accept" interface to not annotate the Class with the generic type
64 * Made Config class implement Map and added helper methods for setting common configs
66 ## 0.5.0
68 * Initial release!
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