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change default buffer sizes to work better in local mode and have les…

…s latency spikes
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commit 1ff1af8e9f44326cf7207ef194a46113685b69c5 1 parent ae41243
@nathanmarz authored
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  1. +3 −3 conf/defaults.yaml
6 conf/defaults.yaml
@@ -87,10 +87,10 @@ topology.state.synchronization.timeout.secs: 60
topology.stats.sample.rate: 0.05 true
topology.worker.childopts: null
-topology.executor.receive.buffer.size: 8192 #batched
-topology.executor.send.buffer.size: 16384 #individual messages
+topology.executor.receive.buffer.size: 1024 #batched
+topology.executor.send.buffer.size: 1024 #individual messages
topology.receiver.buffer.size: 8 # setting it too high causes a lot of problems (heartbeat thread gets starved, throughput plummets)
-topology.transfer.buffer.size: 32 # batched
+topology.transfer.buffer.size: 1024 # batched
topology.tick.tuple.freq.secs: null
topology.worker.shared.thread.pool.size: 4
topology.disruptor.wait.strategy: "com.lmax.disruptor.BlockingWaitStrategy"
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