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1 parent 5535d10 commit febbe25a5f02e7e124a5c02451a8b4d89a6c0dbb Jason Jackson committed Aug 16, 2012
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10 bin/
@@ -11,18 +11,18 @@ echo ==== Storm Jar ====
$LEIN with-profile release clean
$LEIN with-profile release jar
$LEIN with-profile release pom
-scp storm*jar pom.xml
-rm -f *.jar *.xml
+scp target/storm*jar pom.xml
+rm -Rf target *.xml
echo ==== Storm-Lib Jar ====
rm conf/logback.xml
$LEIN with-profile lib clean
$LEIN with-profile lib jar
$LEIN with-profile lib pom
sed -i '' -e 's/artifactId\>storm/artifactId\>storm-lib/g' pom.xml
-mv storm-$RELEASE.jar storm-lib-$RELEASE.jar
-scp storm*jar pom.xml
-rm -f *.jar *.xml
+mv target/storm-$RELEASE.jar target/storm-lib-$RELEASE.jar
+scp target/storm*jar pom.xml
+rm -Rf target *.xml
git checkout conf/logback.xml

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