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and others added some commits Aug 10, 2012
@nathanmarz upgrade guava to v13.0 f6b56d2
Jason Jackson switch log4j to logback 505b799
Jason Jackson switched logback history to 2 days e37117d
Jason Jackson switched logback max history to 7 days 2b8f5a5
Jason Jackson removed log4j reminant in code 78ff4a5
Jason Jackson remove log4j references. change logging policy, 1GB max logs. 5b3bec2
Jason Jackson upgrade to leiningen 2 5535d10
Jason Jackson corrections on bin/ febbe25
Jason Jackson storm-lib now has log4j dependency instead of logback. This will be m…
…ore user-friendly.
Jason Jackson Merge branch 'master' of into logback3
Jason Jackson Merge branch 'master' into logback3
Jason Jackson renamed .log extension 5cb7c33
@nathanmarz merge c7b965a
@nathanmarz merge conflict 93178da
@nathanmarz fix conflict 288c72e
@nathanmarz update gitignore 3690995
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 2d7affe
@nathanmarz fix merge conflicts 8ccb15a
@nathanmarz revamp trident spout and partitioned trident spouts to support spouts…
… where the source can change
@nathanmarz added refreshPartitions method for managing connections 1428913
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'better-trident-spouts' into 0.9.0 1003690
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip1 201fe37
@nathanmarz update changelog 0c559cd
@nathanmarz fix conflicts 810e676
@nathanmarz fix conflicts d527be5
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip2 ecafdcd
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 6c7c3cc
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 6b1796f
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 cf67a08
Jason Jackson storm metrics API initial implementation ready for review. no unit te…

Jason Jackson refactorings, metrics API has it's own namespace. a45098d
Jason Jackson IMetricsConsumer handles data points in batches. d4d8e9b
Jason Jackson 1) added CombinedMetric
2) error if registerMetrics called after component was prepared/opened.
Jason Jackson fixed comment a3885fd
Jason Jackson added one metrics unit test. b375d5a
Jason Jackson added parameter OutputCollector to IMetricsConsumer::prepare, so that…
… MetricsConsumer can reportError.
Jason Jackson tiny change for best practice. f1a4cf3
@nathanmarz include log4j->slf4j and logback as dependencies of storm 9e0a738
Jason Jackson Moved IOutputCollector::reportError into its own interface IErrorRepo…
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'jason/metrics' into 0.9.0 7207af5
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip3 d1fc48c
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 4e6e668
@nathanmarz basic bolts check for reportedfailedexception 33eb6b0
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 2a41f21
Jason Jackson fixed serialization exception due to metrics classes not being regist…
…ered properly
Jason Jackson Merge branch 'metrics' into 0.9.0-metrics2 eeca80d
Jason Jackson this change was causing a weird exception in nimbus, reverting it. a993a14
Jason Jackson this change was causing a weird exception in nimbus, reverting it. ffd8ac4
Jason Jackson Merge branch 'metrics' into 0.9.0 f2b212e
Jason Jackson fixed serialization exception due to metrics classes not being regist…
…ered properly
Jason Jackson this change was causing a weird exception in nimbus, reverting it. 0f59a40
Jason Jackson Added built-in storm metrics, Added MultiReducedMetric. Refactored
MultiCountMetric. Added Unit tests.
Jason Jackson trident metrics support. just expose underlying registerMetric storm …
@nathanmarz fix build conflict dd78113
@nathanmarz get rid of unncessary code in metrics implementation, get rid of prin…
…tln, and improve signatures of registerMetric methods to return more specific IMetric types
@nathanmarz Merge branch '0.9.0' of into 0.9.0 e8dd388
Jason Jackson MeanReducer no longer divides by zero. a9fd4ab
Jason Jackson Merge branch 'metrics' into 0.9.0 d2066e1
Jason Jackson version bump 5b62dc5
Jason Jackson ignore null values in MultiReducedMetric 99153f9
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 e2f041e
@nathanmarz add metrics methods to IMetricsContext e64ac0c
@nathanmarz fix import conflict e2ad407
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip5 41c988f
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 0ed2b6a
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip6 5ac075e
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 698e5f2
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 cc0a2e3
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip7 9148cd5
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 671dc95
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip9 27d203e
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 cb5b413
Jason Jackson Merge branch '0.9.0' of into 0.9.0 33b25c0
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 1f1511e
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 fd3d4c9
Jason Jackson Merge branch '0.9.0' of into 0.9.0 81d4618
Jason Jackson bump version to 0.9.0-wip10 f771774
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 70242cd
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip11 7f2b38a
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 0182cc3
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip12 5ddc087
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 cc5d7d2
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 19a6ffa
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 deadcbf
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip13 6f53b95
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 1b1c1fd
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' into 0.9.0 695abab
Jason Jackson version bump 0.9.0-wip14 af77ba5
Jason Jackson fixes SchemeAsMultiScheme bug, when deserialize returns null cf7cb81
Jason Jackson bump 0.9.0-wip15 28251f7
@nathanmarz update changelog 6bd21ae
@nathanmarz fix typo in IsolationScheduler log message 1ae5ce4
Jason Jackson made CountMetric and MultiCountMetric serializable 3e29f13
@nathanmarz formatting 446037a
@nathanmarz move master to 0.9.0 8935c38
@engineerdev engineerdev Fix param for Metrics Consumers
In used different constant
@nathanmarz make isolationscheduler kill workers for all non-isolated topologies …
…in case of squeezed cluster to make room for remaining isolated topology workers
Andrew Olson Set thread name for spout and bolt threads befe50c
@revans2 revans2 Add storm.home to logback/cluster.xml so workers can find it. f5205f4
@revans2 revans2 Added License header. 1d76894
and others added some commits Feb 10, 2013
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #457 from revans2/log-fix
 Issue #456 worker logging fix
afeng Register our default serializer via defaults.xml, and throw exception…
… if bad serializer is configured
afeng Register our default serializer via defaults.xml, and throw exception…
… if bad serializer is configured
afeng copyright headers removed 01c4147
@nathanmarz add NOTICE file 83af2b8
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'anfeng/master' de923c4
@nathanmarz update contributors and changelog f94a7bf
@lorcan lorcan Initialising ReducerAggregator if (when) state is null.
This is an attempt at overcoming the problem outlined here:
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #465 from lorcan/nathanmarz/master
Initialising ReducerAggregator if (when) state is null.
@nathanmarz update changelog/contributors f4e7e37
@nathanmarz set component configurations correctly for trident spouts 905b8e7
@nathanmarz update changelog f10b698
afeng Apply Thrift SASL client/server framework for authentication/authoriz…
Derek Dagit use exponential backoff retry policy e34feda
afeng remove @auth from source file 0806f1f
Derek Dagit Add test for BlowfishTupleSerializer cd81d91
@revans2 revans2 Avoid File Not Found error under heavy thrift load. 59217cd
@revans2 revans2 Oops had a tab in there. 76775ea
@revans2 revans2 Added in a list of resources to the Exception message. 0d8f40d
@revans2 revans2 Have storm fall back to installed storm.yaml when no ~/.storm/storm.y…
…aml is available.
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #479 from revans2/conf-search
Have storm fall back to installed storm.yaml.
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #477 from revans2/uris-in-error
Added in a list of resources to the Exception message.
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #476 from revans2/fnf
Avoid File Not Found error under heavy thrift load.
@nathanmarz update changelog 0267c00
afeng simple test cases for auth 1e17e82
afeng digest auth test case 7def91d
afeng integration test for authentication and authorization 65848ef
afeng use Java Thread to launch Thrift Server 43bd28b
Derek Dagit Use exception-cause? instead of thrown? 873f52d
afeng indention fixed c75b0c9
afeng rename our test topology in auth test case 2847f41
Derek Dagit Use a ceiling on ExponentialBackoffRetry
Trying to avoid pulling in a newer netflix curator

Adds lein-junit and junit dependencies with test.

Adds new configurable maximum ceiling for the retry interval, defaults
to 30s.
afeng more test cases for authentication/authorization added 1e24e9f
@nathanmarz clean up blowfish code - formatting and include exception cause 141aad4
@nathanmarz Fix TransactionalMap and OpaqueMap to correctly do multiple updates t…
…o the same key in the same batch
@nathanmarz test for opaque and transactional maps aa118f6
@nathanmarz fix race condition between supervisor and nimbus that could lead to i…
…nfinite crash of stormconf.ser not found. supervisor now carefully snapshots the state in zookeeper before making decisions instead of grabbing it piecemeal. the race condition was due to one of the pieces of data grabbed being null
@nathanmarz 0.9.0-wip16 c73703d
@nathanmarz update changelog e6eea02
afeng Authentication is now truly pluggable c729f45
afeng comments added into sample JAAS configurations 1cfd8b5
afeng fix comments in ITransportPlugin 30bd164
@d2r d2r Correct ctor test for BlowfishTupleSerializer
Addresses other code clarity issues from pull request.
afeng enable transport plugin to be given via JAR file (storm.thrift.transp…
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'd2r/derekd-blowfishtupleserializer-test' ce92897
@d2r d2r Merge branch 'master' into derekd-blowfishtupleserializer-test c9f3183
@d2r d2r Remove redundant logging, correct logged class. 974bf24
@d2r d2r Correct white-space 98292be
@d2r d2r Test ctor throws on invalid key
Also, use public configuration key string for the encryption key.
@d2r d2r Change JUnit test to clojure.test test.
Pulled out the retry policy into its own class.
afeng authentication/authorization framework restructured f4f2cdd
afeng format cleanup a22cb5d
afeng revert src/jvm/backtype/storm/utils/ to original a6bd925
afeng revert src/jvm/backtype/storm/utils/ to original 010f3b9
@d2r d2r Revert changes for JUnit dependency 169bae4
@d2r d2r Change ceiling test to be deterministic 7b7617f
afeng typo in defaults.yaml 50ebab0
afeng use storm.yaml (instead of system property) for login configuration s…
@anfeng anfeng Merge pull request #1 from nathanmarz/master
merge changes from nathanmarz/storm
@anfeng anfeng Update NOTICE 95761f6
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #485 from anfeng/master
Add Yahoo! copyright notice
@d2r d2r Escape HTML and JavaScript in the ui
Tests are for validation of the changes
afeng added prepare() into plugin APIs, and removed redundant logs 2123a17
@d2r d2r Clarify test for component summ. input stats test aa88f98
@d2r d2r Merge branch 'master' into derekd-ui-escape-chars a8ecc98
@d2r d2r Prep HTML/JavaScript escape changes for pull
Removes brittle ui test
@d2r d2r Rename util -> utils in new test 6cf6c5f
@d2r d2r Remove trailing white-space c8905d6
afeng fix format conversion for NimbusClient, and make timeout optional 2a78dc0
@d2r d2r Remove extra Integer ctor call
Remove white-space
@anfeng anfeng Merge pull request #3 from d2r/derekd-remove-extra-Integer
Remove extra Integer ctor call
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'd2r/derekd-ui-escape-chars' 81f888e
@nathanmarz update changelog and README 6398179
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'd2r/derekd-blowfishtupleserializer-test' 9fbf64a
afeng use LOG in ThriftServer, removed unwanted LOG from NimbusClient 8e69347
afeng Merge branch 'master-auth' of into master-auth 1493285
afeng typo in auth_test 9d2356f
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'd2r/derekd-exponential-backoff' 5185746
@nathanmarz update intervalceiling config to explicitly say millis 3f8264e
@nathanmarz update changelog 6ee428d
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'noslowerdna/thread-names' 726be6c
@nathanmarz cleanup code and remove unecessary test 28a9b02
@nathanmarz update changelog/contributors 87d133f
@nathanmarz greatly lesson likelihood of race condition between supervisor and wo…
@nathanmarz have localstate try again if exception while trying to read from disk da24804
afeng revison per Nathan's comments on ReqContext/testing, and use wait-for…
afeng apply Configuration::getInstance(JavaLoginConfig, Configuration.Param…
…eters) to always use login configuration file per storm.yaml
@nathanmarz add thrown-cause? helper 7059efc
afeng use thrown? or thrown-cause? in test 4b66980
@nathanmarz Merge remote-tracking branch 'anfeng/master-auth' d6374fe
@nathanmarz update auth test to cleanup launched servers 61f08d6
@nathanmarz remove the use of NIMBUS_TASK_TIMEOUT_SECS from NimbusClient 9956175
@xumingming xumingming fix storm-project homepage url 6e1afc2
@nathanmarz Merge pull request #510 from xumingming/fix-homepage-url
fix storm-project homepage url
@nathanmarz remove usage of 2 part zmq messages 98d2446
@nathanmarz Merge branch 'master' of 87828f7
@nathanmarz fix default scheduler to always reassign topology if some of its exec…
…utors are dead
@jasonjckn jasonjckn closed this Mar 26, 2013
Jason Jackson This solves race condition in unit tests if you try to shutdown a wor…
…ker which cleans up worker state while you also try to wait for worker to launch by reading the same


@nathanmarz You didn't add type hints for the ByteBuffer in this commit. Does clojure infer this or something? This is a super hot code path.

You're referring to mk-packet and parse-packet? Clojure knows that bb is of type ByteBuffer.


I am. Okay cool I didn't know clojure did that!

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