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38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
1 Thrift Changelog
9c76258 @jfarrell updating trunk from 0.7.0-dev to 0.8.0-dev
jfarrell authored
3 Version 0.7.0
5 THRIFT-1252 Ruby Segfault in Ruby deserializer
6 THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)
7 THRIFT-1038 Java Generated Java code for structures containing binary fields are not serializable correctly
8 THRIFT-1098 PHP Undefined properties in TBinaryProtocolFactory
9 THRIFT-1076 Erlang Erlang Thrift socket server causes java framed client to throw ""out of sequence"" exception"
10 THRIFT-1171 Perl Perl write/readDouble assumes little-endian platform
11 THRIFT-151 C TSSLServerSocket and TSSLSocket implementation
12 THRIFT-1068 Python Python SSL Socket Support
13 THRIFT-1011 AS3 Error generating package imports when using classes from other packages
14 THRIFT-1069 Compiler (General) Add command line option to prevent thrift from inserting gen-* directories
15 THRIFT-1055 C# csharp TServerSocket and TSocket do not disable Nagle via Socket.NoDelay = true like cpp and java do
16 THRIFT-638 PHP BufferedTransport + C extensions block until recv timeout is reached on last fread call
17 THRIFT-867 PHP PHP accelerator module's output transport is incompatible with TFramedTransport
18 THRIFT-1054 explicit call to PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is missing and first use of PKG_CHECK_MODULES may not happen
19 THRIFT-125 OCaml OCaml libraries don't compile with 32-bit ocaml
20 THRIFT-1200 JavaScript JS compiler generates code that clobbers existing namespaces
21 THRIFT-1102 Build "typo in ""=="" operator in 'test' (instead of""'="")"
22 THRIFT-994 Build Don't try to invoke phpize if we don't have it
23 THRIFT-864 Compiler (General) default value fails if identifier is a struct
24 THRIFT-1021 OCaml Framed transport support for OCaml
25 THRIFT-1032 make dist fails due to c_glib problem
26 THRIFT-1057 C++ casts in TBinaryProtocol.tcc causing dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
27 THRIFT-1053 Java Make remote client's IP address available for all socket related transports
28 THRIFT-1036 C++ "Auto-generated C++ code fails to compile with ""-Werror -Wextra -Wall"" g++ compiler flags"
29 THRIFT-1063 Tutorial Fix Erlang Tutorial Files
30 THRIFT-625 Go Add support for 'Go'
31 THRIFT-1093 Python several bugs in python TCompactProtocol
32 THRIFT-1101 Java bytebuffer length calculation in TBinaryProtocol writeBinary
33 THRIFT-1094 Python bug in TCompactProto python readMessageEnd method and updated test cases
34 THRIFT-1100 Python python TSSLSocket improvements, including certificate validation
35 THRIFT-1104 Build INSTALLDIRS should be included in configure script
36 THRIFT-1103 Python TZlibTransport for python, a zlib compressed transport
37 THRIFT-1105 OCaml OCaml generator does not prefix methods of included structs with their type
38 THRIFT-1107 Python improvement for compiler-generated python for 'None' object comparisons
39 THRIFT-1109 Java Deploy fb303 along side libthrift to maven repo
40 THRIFT-1111 Compiler (General) The HTML generator does not distinguish between string and binary types
41 THRIFT-1074 Java .keystore and .truststore are missing from the 0.6.0 distribution
42 THRIFT-1119 C# TJSONProtocol fails to UTF8 decode strings
43 THRIFT-1120 C# - Compiler proto.WriteListEnd being called in the wrong place
44 THRIFT-1126 Erlang Extending struct_info for erlang bindings
45 THRIFT-1132 C# Deserialization error in TApplicationException C#
46 THRIFT-1131 C# C# JSON Protocol is unable to decode escaped characters in string
47 THRIFT-1133 Tutorial Java and JavaScript tutorial is broken since we have Java maven deployment
48 THRIFT-1140 GlibC Framed Transport Client using C (Glib) Library hangs when connecting to Ruby Server
49 THRIFT-342 PHP PHP: can't have sets of complex types
50 THRIFT-1149 Ruby Nonblocking server fails when client connection is reset
51 THRIFT-363 Java Maven Deploy
52 THRIFT-1155 Java Remove log4j dependency from java client
53 THRIFT-1170 Java Thrift Generated Code and Java 5
54 THRIFT-835 AS3 Bad AS3 syntax in constructors that set default values
55 THRIFT-1174 Build Publish as3 client implementation via Maven for use by flex-mojos users
56 THRIFT-1178 Java Java: TBase signature should be T extends TBase<?,?>
57 THRIFT-1067 PHP Tons of bugs in php implementation
58 THRIFT-1182 Ruby Native deserializer segfaults on incorrect list element type
59 THRIFT-1190 Java readBufferBytesAllocated in should be AtomicLong to fix FD leakage
60 THRIFT-1183 Ruby Pure-ruby CompactProtocol raises ArgumentError when deserializing under Ruby 1.9
61 THRIFT-1192 Typo: TProtocol.h tests for HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H_
62 THRIFT-1194 Java Java lib does not install artifacts to local dir correctly
63 THRIFT-1208 Python python writeBool and readBool not follow the compact-proto-spec-2.txt spec
64 THRIFT-1211 Java When using THttpClient, non 200 responses leave the connection open
65 THRIFT-627 C++ should c++ have setters for optional fields?
66 THRIFT-1218 GLibC c_glib uses wrong name in pkg-config
67 THRIFT-1189 Ruby Ruby deserializer speed improvements
68 THRIFT-1225 PHP TCompactProtocol for PHP
69 THRIFT-1227 Erlang Erlang implementation of thrift JSON protocol
70 THRIFT-1228 PHP The php accelerator module calls flush incorrectly
71 THRIFT-1234 Python thrift --help is missing doc on py:utf8strings
72 THRIFT-1237 Java Java fb303 missing some methods
73 THRIFT-1248 C++ pointer subtraction in TMemoryBuffer relies on undefined behavior
74 THRIFT-1253 Java Code generated for maps is not compiling
75 THRIFT-1255 Java Mismatch of method name between JavaME's lib and generated code (compareTo/compareObjects)
76 THRIFT-1238 JavaScript Thrift JS client cannot read map of structures
77 THRIFT-1213 Membuffer should provide a way to get back the buffer
78 THRIFT-1117 JavaScript JavaScript Unit Test does not work anymore because libthrift*.jar where moved by Maven Deployment
79 THRIFT-1164 JavaScript Segmentation fault on NULL pointer in t_js_generator::generate_const
80 THRIFT-788 PHP multiget/multiget_slice does not handle more than 17 keys correctly
81 THRIFT-1222 C++ Unhandled exception for TEvhttpServer request
82 THRIFT-1241 PHP php namespace generation
83 THRIFT-1236 Erlang Erlang Reconnecting Thrift Client
84 THRIFT-1151 Erlang Produce more informative runtime error in case of schema and data mismatch during serialization
85 THRIFT-1146 Java Android Incompatibility : in Android < 2.3 doesn't support for Throwable
86 THRIFT-826 PHP PHP TSocket Write Timeout
87 THRIFT-27 Erlang Generated erlang types don't contain default values for records
88 THRIFT-1153 C++ HttpClient does not specify the connection close parameter
89 THRIFT-1154 Cocoa HttpClient does not specify the connection close parameter
90 THRIFT-1081 PHP PHP tests broken and somewhat incomplete
91 THRIFT-1078 Test Suite ThriftTest.thrift generates invalid PHP library
92 THRIFT-447 Java Make an abstract base Client class so we can generate less code
93 THRIFT-1181 AS3 AS3 compiler generates incorrect code for setting default values in constructor
94 THRIFT-997 Java Using valueOf for base types in getFieldValue
95 THRIFT-999 PHP Add TForkingServer
96 THRIFT-1041 Java TDeserializer holds onto a reference of the array it reads after it is done deserializing
97 THRIFT-1065 JavaScript Unexpected exceptions not proper handled on JS
98 THRIFT-993 C++ Some improvements in C++ stubs for oneway operations
99 THRIFT-1083 Python Preforking python process pool server
100 THRIFT-1092 Python generated validate() method has wrong indentation
101 THRIFT-1050 Java "Declaring an argument named ""manager"" to a service method produces code that fails compile
102 THRIFT-1106 C++ C++ code TAsyncProtocolProcessor.h & TAsyncBufferProcessor.h dont have virtual functions
103 THRIFT-1080 Erlang erlang test's 'make' fails on Mac OSX
104 THRIFT-731 Java configure doesn't check for ant >= 1.7
105 THRIFT-1180 AS3 AS3 compiler generates uncompilable code for binary types.
106 THRIFT-1187 Ruby nonblocking_server shutdown race under Ruby 1.9
107 THRIFT-1193 Ruby Potential infinite loop in nonblocking_server
108 THRIFT-891 Compiler (General) Comments are not properly handled in some cases
109 THRIFT-1216 Java build Java Library behind a proxy
110 THRIFT-1177 Go Update thrift to reflect changes in Go's networking libraries
111 THRIFT-1220 C++ TProcessor::process never returns false
112 THRIFT-1231 C++ Remove bogus include
113 THRIFT-1217 C++ Use evutil_socketpair instead of pipe (Windows port)
114 THRIFT-1215 JavaScript Undefined property Thirft in lib/js/thrift.js
115 THRIFT-418 Ruby Don't do runtime sorting of struct fields
116 THRIFT-1244 C++ 'using' to disambiguate between functions in different bases does not conform to C++ standard
117 THRIFT-892 Erlang Refactor erlang build system with rebar
118 THRIFT-690 Compiler (General) Update TApplicationException codes
119 THRIFT-1199 Java Union structs should have generated methods to test whether a specific field is currently set
120 THRIFT-113 Compiler (General) to-string methods should omit optional null fields from output
121 THRIFT-1049 Python Allow for TServerSocket python library to bind to a specific host
122 THRIFT-1152 PHP THRIFT-1144 Attributes from private to protected
123 THRIFT-1207 Ruby "Support DESTDIR on ""make install"" of ruby libs"
124 THRIFT-1123 C++ Patch to compile Thrift server and client for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0
125 THRIFT-1031 C++ Patch to compile Thrift for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0
126 THRIFT-1221 C++ Remove SimpleCallback.h
127 THRIFT-1233 C++ Remove unused include in generated C++ code
128 THRIFT-1246 Java Improve logging: Change TNonblockingServer internalRead to trace from warn
129 THRIFT-1251 Java Generated java code should indicate which fields are required and which are optional
f54f4cb update changes file for 0.6
Bryan Duxbury authored
132 Version 0.6.0
134 THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)
c7cd68e commit a CHANGES change
Bryan Duxbury authored
135 THRIFT-1032 Build "make dist" fails due to c_glib problem (Michael Lum)
f54f4cb update changes file for 0.6
Bryan Duxbury authored
136 THRIFT-1002 C glib CodeStyle: (Anatol Pomozov)
137 THRIFT-975 C glib lib/c_glib/README is missing => breaks make dist (Michael Lum)
138 THRIFT-1003 C glib Polishing c_glib code (Anatol Pomozov)
139 THRIFT-582 C glib C implementation of Thrift (Anatol Pomozov)
140 THRIFT-992 C# Naming convention in C# constructor is not consistent with other fields causes compile errors (Roger Meier)
141 THRIFT-977 C++ Hex Conversion Bug in C++ TJSONProtocol (Aravind Narayanan)
142 THRIFT-922 C++ Templatized [de]serialization code for C++ (David Reiss)
143 THRIFT-923 C++ Event-driven client and server support for C++ (David Reiss)
144 THRIFT-925 C++ Provide name<->value map for enums in C++ (David Reiss)
145 THRIFT-926 C++ Miscellaneous C++ improvements (David Reiss)
146 THRIFT-928 C++ Make more statistics available in C++ servers (David Reiss)
147 THRIFT-929 C++ Improvements to the C++ test suite (David Reiss)
148 THRIFT-868 Compiler (General) Referencing constant values doesn't work with with typedef types (David Reiss)
149 THRIFT-1006 General Impossible to correctly qualify an enum constant in an external thrift file (Bryan Duxbury)
150 THRIFT-932 Haskell Haskell tests need to be run through 'make check' (and probably 'cabal check') too (Christian Lavoie)
151 THRIFT-933 Haskell Haskell's Thrift.cabal has warnings (Christian Lavoie)
152 THRIFT-943 Haskell Silly readme typo fix. (Christian Lavoie)
153 THRIFT-944 Haskell Support all version-4s of base (Christian Lavoie)
154 THRIFT-950 Haskell Haskell bindings treat 'byte' as unsigned 8-bit int (Data.Word.Word8), java/cpp as signed (byte/int8_t). (Christian Lavoie)
155 THRIFT-1009 Java TUnion does not correctly deep copy a ByteBuffer (Takashi Yonebayashi)
156 THRIFT-1013 Java generated java code may have name clashes with thrift library (Peter Schuller)
157 THRIFT-1015 Java TUnion does not handle ByteBuffer in toString (Takashi Yonebayashi)
65ad14c update CHANGES file
Bryan Duxbury authored
158 THRIFT-1038 Java Generated Java code for structures containing binary fields (or collections thereof) are not serializable (in the Java sense) even though they implement (Mathias Herberts)
f54f4cb update changes file for 0.6
Bryan Duxbury authored
159 THRIFT-106 Java TSSLServerSocket (Nirmal Ranganathan)
160 THRIFT-377 Java TFileTransport port in Java (Joydeep Sen Sarma)
161 THRIFT-745 Java Make it easier to instantiate servers (Bryan Duxbury)
162 THRIFT-862 Java Async client issues / improvements (Ning Liang)
163 THRIFT-903 Java custom ThreadFactory in THsHaServer (Bryan Duxbury)
164 THRIFT-939 Java optional binary fields throw NPE on default byte[] getters (Bryan Duxbury)
165 THRIFT-947 Java Provide a helper method to determine the TProtocol used to serialize some data. (Mathias Herberts)
166 THRIFT-951 Java Add a new isServing() method to TServer (Bryan Duxbury)
167 THRIFT-957 Java THsHaServer: Change access modifier of the invoker field. (Benjamin Coverston)
168 THRIFT-958 Java Change accessmodifer on trans_ field in the FrameBuffer class to public. (Benjamin Coverston)
169 THRIFT-959 Java TSocket seems to do its own buffering inefficiently (Bryan Duxbury)
170 THRIFT-970 Java Under heavy load, THttpClient may fail with "too many open files" (Mathias Herberts)
171 THRIFT-971 Java java module can't be compiled without ivy and network connection (Roger Meier)
172 THRIFT-807 JavaScript JavaScript: Initialization of Base Types with 0 instead of null (Roger Meier)
173 THRIFT-913 JavaScript Test Case for Url encoded strings + simple enhancement to lib/js/test/ (Roger Meier)
174 THRIFT-961 JavaScript JavaScript TestSuite using ant/ivy and Java's ServerTestBase Handler (Roger Meier)
175 THRIFT-1005 Java Give unions byte[] signature methods to go along with their ByteBuffer counterparts (Bryan Duxbury)
176 THRIFT-1008 Java byte[] accessors throw NPE on unset field (Bryan Duxbury)
177 THRIFT-517 Java TExceptions thrown by server result in cryptic error message on client - Tried to read 4 bytes, but only got 0 bytes (Bryan Duxbury)
178 THRIFT-946 Java Augment FieldValueMetaData so it differentiates 'string' and 'binary' fields. (Mathias Herberts)
179 THRIFT-949 Java Modify the TEnum interface so it defines a method similar to findByValue (Mathias Herberts)
180 THRIFT-960 Java add TestServer, TestNonblockingServer and TestClient again (Roger Meier)
181 THRIFT-969 Java Java Tutorial broken, move CalculatorHandler to a separate file (Roger Meier)
182 THRIFT-71 Misc Debian packaging for thrift (Roger Meier)
183 THRIFT-1020 OCaml OCaml compiler generates invalid OCaml (Richard Low)
184 THRIFT-347 PHP PHP TSocket Timeout Issues (Tyler Hobbs)
185 THRIFT-924 PHP Fix generated php structure constants (David Reiss)
186 THRIFT-927 PHP Add option to modify the PHP include path (David Reiss)
187 THRIFT-935 PHP PHP Extension aborts the build if php-config is not installed (David Reiss)
188 THRIFT-941 PHP Make PHP C Extension use the defined Protocol writeMessageBegin function (Chris Goffinet)
189 THRIFT-955 PHP Thrift compiler for Windows uses lowercase names and directories which is inconsistent with compiling on other platforms (Roger Meier)
190 THRIFT-979 Ruby ruby bindings used to work on jruby (Jeff Hodges)
191 THRIFT-581 Test Suite Add a testsuite for txThrift (Twisted) (Esteve Fernandez)
192 THRIFT-1024 Tutorial Add Python Twisted example to the Tutorial (Roger Meier)
193 THRIFT-893 Tutorial add JavaScript to the tutorial examples (Roger Meier)
f0755e9 update the CHANGES file
Bryan Duxbury authored
196 Version 0.5.0
198 THRIFT-505 Build Make configure give a summary of the enabled components (David Reiss)
199 THRIFT-506 Build Allow Thrift to be built without the C++ library (David Reiss)
200 THRIFT-844 Build Build Requirements state autoconf 2.59+ is required, but 2.60+ is needed (Harlan Lieberman-Berg)
201 THRIFT-850 Build Perl runtime requires Bit::Vector which may not be installed by default, but configure does not fail (Michael Lum)
202 THRIFT-854 Build Provide configure option and make rules to build/install php extension (Anthony Molinaro)
203 THRIFT-858 Build Have check for a suitable autoconf version before running (David Reiss)
204 THRIFT-871 Build Thrift compiler for WIndows (binary distribution) (David Reiss)
205 THRIFT-323 C# TJSONProtocol (Roger Meier)
206 THRIFT-634 C# C# Compiler Generates Incorrect Code For Fields which begin with an uppercase letter (Jon S Akhtar)
207 THRIFT-881 C# add csharp to the tutorial (Roger Meier)
208 THRIFT-856 C++ Building cpp library fails on OS X with malloc and free not being declared in scope (James Clarke)
209 THRIFT-865 C++ C++ compiler build depends on libfl even when flex/lex not detected (David Reiss)
210 THRIFT-900 C++ Unix domain socket (Roger Meier)
211 THRIFT-920 C++ C++ Test and Tutorial does not compile anymore due to the change within Enum handling (Roger Meier)
212 THRIFT-567 C++ Can't immediately stop a TSimpleServer thread that is idle (Rush Manbert)
213 THRIFT-756 C++ Exposing TSocket(int) constructor to public (Rajat Goel)
214 THRIFT-798 C++ TNonblockingServer leaks resources when destroyed (David Reiss)
215 THRIFT-812 C++, Python Demo of Thrift over ZeroMQ (David Reiss)
216 THRIFT-629 Cocoa Unused Field In TSocketServer Appears To Break iPhone Build (Jon S Akhtar)
217 THRIFT-838 Cocoa Generated Cocoa classes have useless @dynamic declarations (Kevin Ballard)
218 THRIFT-805 Cocoa Don't generate process_XXXX methods for oneway methods (Brad Taylor)
219 THRIFT-507 Compiler Remove the compiler's dependency on Boost (David Reiss)
220 THRIFT-895 Compiler (General) Thrift compiler does not allow two different enumerations to have the same key name for one of the enum values (David Reiss)
221 THRIFT-852 Compiler (General) Missing newline causes many compiler warnings (Anthony Molinaro)
222 THRIFT-877 Compiler (General) smalltalk namespace doesn't work (Bruce Lowekamp)
223 THRIFT-897 Compiler (General) Don't allow unqualified constant access to enum values (Bryan Duxbury)
224 THRIFT-9 Compiler (General) Add a default namespace declaration for all languages (David Reiss)
225 THRIFT-599 Erlang Don't use unnecessary processes in the Erlang transports and clients (David Reiss)
226 THRIFT-646 Erlang Erlang library is missing install target (David Reiss)
227 THRIFT-698 Erlang Generated module list should contain atoms, not strings (Anthony Molinaro)
228 THRIFT-866 Erlang term() in spec definitions seems to not work in erlang R12 (Anthony Molinaro)
229 THRIFT-886 Erlang Dialyzer warning (Anthony Molinaro)
230 THRIFT-785 Erlang Framed transport server problems (Anthony Molinaro)
231 THRIFT-884 HTML HTML Generator: add Key attribute to the Data Types Tables (Roger Meier)
232 THRIFT-652 Haskell Generated field name for strut is not capitalized correctly (Christian Lavoie)
233 THRIFT-743 Haskell compile error with GHC 6.12.1 (Christian Lavoie)
234 THRIFT-901 Haskell Allow the bindings to compile without -fglasgow-exts and with -Wall -Werror (Christian Lavoie)
235 THRIFT-905 Haskell Make haskell thrift bindings use automake to compile and install (Christian Lavoie)
236 THRIFT-906 Haskell Improve type mappings (Christian Lavoie)
237 THRIFT-914 Haskell Make haskell bindings 'easily' compilable (Christian Lavoie)
238 THRIFT-918 Haskell Make haskell tests run again (Christian Lavoie)
239 THRIFT-919 Haskell Update Haskell bindings README (Christian Lavoie)
240 THRIFT-787 Haskell Enums are not read correctly (Christian Lavoie)
241 THRIFT-250 Java ExecutorService as a constructor parameter for TServer (Ed Ceaser)
242 THRIFT-693 Java Thrift compiler generated java code that throws compiler warnings about deprecated methods. (Bryan Duxbury)
243 THRIFT-843 Java TNonblockingSocket connects without a timeout (Bryan Duxbury)
244 THRIFT-845 Java async client does not respect timeout (Ning Liang)
245 THRIFT-870 Java Java constants don't get Javadoc comments (Bryan Duxbury)
246 THRIFT-873 Java Java tests fail due to Too many open files (Todd Lipcon)
247 THRIFT-876 Java Add SASL support (Aaron T. Myers)
248 THRIFT-879 Java Remove @Override from TUnion.clear (Dave Engberg)
249 THRIFT-882 Java deep copy of binary fields does not copy ByteBuffer characteristics (arrayOffset, position) (Bryan Duxbury)
250 THRIFT-888 Java async client should also have nonblocking connect (Eric Jensen)
251 THRIFT-890 Java Java tutorial doesn't work (Todd Lipcon)
252 THRIFT-894 Java Make default accessors for binary fields return byte[]; provide new accessors to get ByteBuffer version (Bryan Duxbury)
253 THRIFT-896 Java TNonblockingSocket.isOpen() returns true even after close() (Eric Jensen)
254 THRIFT-907 Java libfb303 doesn't compile in 0.4.0 (Todd Lipcon)
255 THRIFT-912 Java Improvements and bug fixes to SASL implementation (Todd Lipcon)
256 THRIFT-917 Java THsHaServer should not accept an ExecutorService without catching RejectedExecutionException (Ed Ceaser)
257 THRIFT-931 Java Use log4j for Java tests (Todd Lipcon)
258 THRIFT-880 JavaME JavaME code generator and runtime library (Dave Engberg)
259 THRIFT-846 JavaScript JavaScript Test Framwork: extended Testcases (Roger Meier)
260 THRIFT-885 JavaScript Url encoded strings never get decoded? How do we fix this? (T Jake Luciani)
261 THRIFT-911 JavaScript (JavaScript compiler) Const structs, maps, sets, and lists generate a trailing comma (T Jake Luciani)
262 THRIFT-860 OCaml copy method and reset method (Lev Walkin)
263 THRIFT-682 PHP PHP extension doesn't compile on Mac OS X (Bryan Duxbury)
264 THRIFT-851 PHP php extension fails to compile on centos 5.x (Todd Lipcon)
265 THRIFT-840 Perl Perl protocol handler could be more robust against unrecognised types (Conrad Hughes)
266 THRIFT-758 Perl incorrect deference in exception handling (Yann Kerherve)
267 THRIFT-257 Python Support validation of required fields (Esteve Fernandez)
268 THRIFT-335 Python Compact Protocol for Python (David Reiss)
269 THRIFT-596 Python Make Python's TBufferedTransport use a configurable input buffer (David Reiss)
270 THRIFT-597 Python Python THttpServer performance improvements (David Reiss)
271 THRIFT-598 Python Allow Python's threading servers to use daemon threads (David Reiss)
272 THRIFT-666 Python Allow the handler to override HTTP responses in THttpServer (David Reiss)
273 THRIFT-673 Python Generated Python code has whitespace issues (Ian Eure)
274 THRIFT-721 Python THttpClient ignores url parameters (Thomas Kho)
275 THRIFT-824 Python TApplicationException.__str__() refers to class constants as globals (Peter Schuller)
276 THRIFT-855 Python Include optimized compiled python objects in install (Anthony Molinaro)
277 THRIFT-859 Python Allow py:twisted to be generated in different namespace than py (Bruce Lowekamp)
278 THRIFT-869 Python on Mac (and FreeBSD) doesn't handle ECONNRESET from recv() (Steven Knight)
279 THRIFT-875 Python Include python setup.cfg in dist (Anthony Molinaro)
280 THRIFT-610 Ruby binary_protocol.rb segfaults [line 86] (Unassigned)
281 THRIFT-899 Ruby Ruby read timeouts can sometimes be 2x what they should be (Ryan King)
282 THRIFT-909 Ruby allow block argument to struct constructor (Michael Stockton)
283 THRIFT-456 Test Suite Bad IP address string in test/cpp/src/main.cpp (Rush Manbert)
d704270 update the changes file
Bryan Duxbury authored
286 Version 0.4.0
288 THRIFT-650 Build Make Check fails on Centos/OSX with 0.2.0 tarball (Anthony Molinaro)
289 THRIFT-770 Build Get 'make dist' to work without first compiling source code (Anthony Molinaro)
290 THRIFT-160 C# Created THttpTransport for the C# library based on WebHttpRequest (Michael Greene)
291 THRIFT-834 C# THttpClient resends contents of message after transport errors (Anatoly Fayngelerin)
292 THRIFT-247 C++ THttpServer Transport (Unassigned)
293 THRIFT-676 C++ Change C++ code generator so that generated classes can be wrapped with SWIG (Unassigned)
294 THRIFT-570 Compiler Thrift compiler does not error when duplicate method names are present (Bruce Simpson)
295 THRIFT-808 Compiler Segfault when constant declaration references a struct field that doesn't exist (Bryan Duxbury)
296 THRIFT-646 Erlang Erlang library is missing install target (Anthony Molinaro)
297 THRIFT-544 General multiple enums with the same key generate invalid code (Ben Taitelbaum)
298 THRIFT-434 General ruby compiler should warn when a reserved word is used (Michael Stockton)
299 THRIFT-799 General Files missing proper Apache license header (Bryan Duxbury)
300 THRIFT-832 HTML HTML generator shows unspecified struct fields as 'required' (Bryan Duxbury)
301 THRIFT-226 Java Collections with binary keys or values break equals() (Bryan Duxbury)
302 THRIFT-484 Java Ability to use a slice of a buffer instead of a direct byte[] for binary fields (Bryan Duxbury)
303 THRIFT-714 Java maxWorkerThreads parameter to THsHaServer has no effect (Bryan Duxbury)
304 THRIFT-751 Java Add clear() method to TBase (Bryan Duxbury)
305 THRIFT-765 Java Improved string encoding and decoding performance (Bryan Duxbury)
306 THRIFT-768 Java Async client for Java (Bryan Duxbury)
307 THRIFT-774 Java TDeserializer should provide a partialDeserialize method for primitive types (Piotr Kozikowski)
308 THRIFT-783 Java .equals java method is broken on structs containing binary-type fields (Unassigned)
309 THRIFT-804 Java CompareTo is broken for unions set to map, set, or list (Bryan Duxbury)
310 THRIFT-814 Java Include a TServlet in the standard Thrift distribution (Mathias Herberts)
311 THRIFT-818 Java Async client doesn't send method args (Bryan Duxbury)
312 THRIFT-830 Java Switch binary field implementation from byte[] to ByteBuffer (Bryan Duxbury)
313 THRIFT-831 Java FramedTransport implementation that reuses its buffers (Bryan Duxbury)
314 THRIFT-833 Java build.xml in lib/java is missing a classpathref attribute for the javadoc task (Bryan Duxbury)
315 THRIFT-836 Java Race condition causes CancelledKeyException in TAsyncClientManager (Bryan Duxbury)
316 THRIFT-842 Java Upgrade to current version of commons-lang (2.5 instead of 2.4) and/or change dependency in ivy.xml to not be exact (Bryan Duxbury)
317 THRIFT-815 JavaScript Deserialization of lists is critically broken. (T Jake Luciani)
318 THRIFT-827 OCaml OCaml generator to take default values into account (Lev Walkin)
319 THRIFT-647 PHP PHP library is missing install target (Anthony Molinaro)
320 THRIFT-682 PHP PHP extension doesn't compile on Mac OS X (Bryan Duxbury)
321 THRIFT-718 PHP Thrift PHP library includes closing tags and extraneous whitespace (Nicholas Telford)
322 THRIFT-778 PHP PHP socket listening server (Nick Jones)
323 THRIFT-780 PHP PHP extension sometimes causes an abort with two exceptions at the same time (David Reiss)
324 THRIFT-837 PHP PHP accelerator bug for writes > 8k (Thomas Kho)
325 THRIFT-782 Perl Perl code for writing containers doesn't count length of write*Begin or write*End (Conrad Hughes)
326 THRIFT-395 Python Python library + compiler does not support unicode strings (Unassigned)
327 THRIFT-133 Ruby 'namespace ruby' should error out, or be an alias to 'namespace rb' (Bryan Duxbury)
328 THRIFT-664 Ruby Ruby extension fails to build with Ruby 1.9.1 (Rajesh Malepati)
329 THRIFT-699 Ruby Excise unused "native protocol method table" stuff from thrift_native (Bryan Duxbury)
330 THRIFT-767 Ruby ruby compiler does not keep comments for enum values (Bryan Duxbury)
331 THRIFT-811 Ruby http_client_transport.rb: allow custom http headers (Tony Kamenick)
332 THRIFT-459 Ruby Ruby installation always tries to write to /Library/Ruby/site (Matthieu Imbert)
50e030a Preparing for 0.1.0 RC1
Kevin Clark authored
335 Version 0.1.0 RC1 / Unreleased
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
337 Compatibility Breaking Changes:
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
338 C++:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
339 * It's quite possible that regenerating code and rebuilding will be
340 required. Make sure your headers match your libs!
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
342 Java:
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
344 Python:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
346 Ruby:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
347 * Generated files now have underscored names [THRIFT-421]
348 * The library has been rearranged to be more Ruby-like [THRIFT-276]
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
350 Erlang:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
351 * Generated code will have to be regenerated, and the new code will
352 have to be deployed atomically with the new library code [THRIFT-136]
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
355 New Features and Bug Fixes:
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
356 C++:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
357 * Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-333]
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
359 Java:
38919c5 Add basic Changelog
Kevin Clark authored
360 * Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-110]
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
362 Python:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
363 * Support for Twisted [THRIFT-148]
7d64c0a Remove "Library" from CHANGES because the compiler is also affected
David Reiss authored
365 Ruby:
c42485a Add some more info to CHANGES and re-sort it
David Reiss authored
366 * Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-332]
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